It is an undeniable truth that everyone wants to be wealthy. For most [people, it’s a far-off dream that someday, they will eventually turn themselves into self-made millionaires.

The reality is, building wealth isn’t about putting all your hopes into “someday.”

Making money has no age boundary, but starting young presents a far greater potential to amass a fortune–and more time to let that fortune compound itself as you grow older.

To help you reach the seven-figure mark as a youngster, we rounded up 5 pieces of advice for you. Although we can’t guarantee your millionaire status, doing these things won’t hurt your odds.

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1. Stop procrastinating

A lot of people believe that there is always enough time for everything. Youngsters get to think that retirement or wealth building is a later business than now.

Unfortunately, this often makes people put things on hold and say “Oh, I should do that next month,” month after month, until before you know it, you’re 10 years older and you’ve missed out on a decade’s worth of compounding interest. 

Investing in your now is a sure way to make a fortune tommorrow.

2. Take calculated risks

Now is the time to take risk because you are young and have a lot of years ahead of you. Invest in higher-risk, higher-payoff stock opportunities. You may want to be your own boss by quitting your job to start your own. Jump on new ventures and new opportunities. If things go south, you’ll have plenty of time to make up for it.

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3. Know that there is no magic

My use of the word “secrets” in the title of this article might have brought you here hoping for a guaranteed, almost magical solution to make you wealthy. There isn’t one. The fundamental objectives are simple: Make more than you spend, and use the excess to invest wisely.

4. Invest in yourself

Investing in oneself is the best resource that can help you accumulate wealth. One must spending more time on their education, refining your own skill sets, and branching out to meet new people who might help you achieve your goals. The more you invest in yourself the higher the chances of getting a high pay check.

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5. Create a budget

Building wealth isn’t necessarily second nature to anyone, but you have to start somewhere. Budgets aren’t simply a means to keep track of whether your bills are paid and which accounts are due. They’re your tool for managing money in a way that builds wealth.