A Moment With Atiku By Nnamdi Ezewuzie (Nadis)

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In a country where blame game and accusations topple delivering of campaign promises made. In a country where a government sees a reoccurring problem and the next you see them do was to bury their incompetency into retrospection and Nigerians would behold the usual tale of which president was in power in the past that caused the problem, and every ineptitude and the zeal to tackle the problem head-on would be converted to ‘blame’ and lay them on past administrations.

This current administration came to power in 2015, May. With the tempo of propaganda and criticisms that took them to power against the former administration of President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, one would have concluded that all the problems of Nigeria would be solved in a twinkle of an eye with President Buhari as the driver. This did not happen.

During the campaign that ushered in this present government, Nigerians were bamboozled and hoodwinked with a flaring of propaganda of unimaginable proportions perpetuated by highly compromised media houses that threw caution to the wind and veered off the rules and regulations guiding and stimulating their operations to enthrone this government. Today, they are part and major contributors to the ensued woes debilitating and stunting the wheel of progress of this country.

Again, amidst the 2015 general election campaigns, I was at a time abreast with the danger pit we as a country was falling into if the gross mistake borne out of crass delusional acts which some group of hawks and selfish individuals in the country were pushing the country into succeeded.

If President Mohammadu Buhari did not win the 2015 presidential election and perhaps, decided to retire politically thence to go look after his 150 cows, what would have been on every lips today is that a good man was not allowed to rule Nigeria. My utmost joy is that Nigerians did not allow this to happen, we decided to taste and feel it including Mr Bill Gates who criticized the Federal Government’s Economic Recovery and Growth Plan. He visited the country recently and has seen how retrogressive Buhari led APC government could become as Buhari is now ‘that’ president we would have been missing today if he didn’t rule Nigeria again.

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I know that people who were carried away with Maj. Gen. Buhari in military garb as Nigeria’s Head of State in 1984 whose adjudged leadership success was hinged on the prowess of late Maj. Gen. Tunde Idiagbon, were of the view and belief when Buhari threw in his hat into the ring since 2003 to be Nigeria’s president and during this last 2015 presidency race, that ”Buhari they knew back in 1984 is the same Buhari they see today”. But within his first 365 days in office, not only the opposition has started seeing the administrative failures of President Mohammedu Buhari but some rational individuals within the same political party (APC) were all jaw-dropping and completely disappointed.

I have sat to ponder heavily why Buhari actually wanted to rule Nigeria and I could not fathom his reason(s) except a seemed vendetta. He told Nigerians during his campaign that he’s coming to fight corruption, to reduce pomp price of petrol from N86 to N40, make Naira equal in value to dollar and numerous of others. Check all of these promises and tell me one he has succeeded in doing after 3 years. Things rather got worse!

Okay, in the same campaign, Buhari and APC promised to bring back the Chibok girls in three months when they ascend the throne. They promised to pay N5,000 to 25 million unemployed youths. They promised free meals to our children in the schools.

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They promised immediately they took over power that the end to Boko Haram insurgency in the country would be in December 2015, the same year President Buhari and APC took over power. As these promises were trickling in then, we earnestly hoped and prayed that this particular promise (Chibok Girls) is kept in the overall interest of our nation. Instead of fulfilling the barrage of these promises made to Nigerians, what the APC government had done was to start blame game hence drove down the country’s economy to a point where even the president confessed that the nation was broke! It is bizarre to say the least in a country like Nigeria, the ‘Giant Of Africa’?

The Minister of Information, Lai Mohammed at a time when the weight and consequences of misleading the public and Nigerians for quest for power coincided they rode to power which was done through vigorous propaganda and was pleading to Nigerians to have patience with the government. A scenario in a sane country that would see an immediate resignation of the said minister.

It’s not good to play chess with the destiny of Nigeria which harbours over 180 million citizens if you stand for a selfless strategy and serious commitment to reposition your country to take her rightful position amongst the other countries of the world. When you want to get your country to the top, you look for individuals who have capacity and carved a niche for themselves in wealth creation, education, employment, socially egalitarian and all. Do not toy with your subjects.

This reminds me of one man too many, who in every index of the above mentioned qualities, has taken the bull by the horn to foster uncommon unity in the country and bury bigotry and tribalism. In his bid to enliven a peaceful country, he has launched his businesses across the country thus, has created employment which has the greater percentage of its beneficiaries in the youths.

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Whenever these qualities are marshaled, every follower of events in the country’s politics conceives Turaki Adamawa in mind, the highly influencial former vice president of Nigeria, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar (GCON).

The present Nigeria is in dire need of a cosmopolitan and versatile personality as president to connect the country back again to contemporary paraphernalia of the 21st century.

We don’t want to remain as a country where herdsmen kill innocent people at will semiweekly and the chief executive seems handicapped and say nothing. We don’t want to remain as a country where citizens live in palpable fears while going about their businesses or when sleeping in their homes at nights.

Alhaji Atiku Abubakar has severally chastised the activities of the killer herdsmen and blame them on the inability to thinker a way to curb the menace by those bestowed with the authority to protect life and property at the federal. Therefore, people like Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, Waziri Adamawa who have the enabling qualities with vast experience as a one time vice president and his cosmopolitan nature are poised to nip in the bud, the issue of security challenges in the country if he becomes the president in 2019. Let’s give this gentleman with leadership expertise a chance. Just a moment!


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