AFRAID TO LOVE … Ewoma ( Episode 17 – 20)

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AFRAID TO LOVE … Ewoma ( Episode 17 – 20)

AFRAID TO LOVE ... Ewoma ( Episode 17 -20)

Episode Seventeen.

“Okay.” she concurred.

“We’re here,” he announced grinning.

Purity raised her head. The car was in front of a gate. A huge iron gate painted black. It was possible to see through the gate because it was like iron bars separated from one another. She looked from her left to right, they were actually secluded among trees in one of New York’s most exclusive streets.
Jeremy honked the horn of the car. She watched as the gate opened mechanically. She was awed by that. The little house close to the gate should belong to the security guard. He had used a security camera to see Jeremy on the outside then pressed buttons on a remote to open the gate. She’d seen something like that but didn’t know Jeremy had one. He was stinkingly rich. She noticed he wasn’t proud of it. She that had little compared to him was always blabbing about her father’s wealth.

As they drove past the gate, she saw two golden images of arced angels on both sides of the gate. The gate shut the same way it opened. Light shown from their eyes, electric bulbs. The compound was wide and spacious. The mansion stood at the face end of the compound. It was really huge, painted white and blue. It had turrets, a order, balconies, screened-in front porch.

Jeremy drove to the garage. There were already four different cars parked. His vehicle joined them. He died the engine down and opened his door, closed it behind him. He went to the other side, for Purity. He pushed the door open and helped her down. Her stilleto touched the inter locked brick ground making clanking noises as she walked. She fed her eyes once more. The compound smelt of money. She could see a gazebo at a garden, right from the mansion they were heading to. In the middle was a pool. Next to it were waters flying in the air, water falls. A little round pole situated there. It watered the carpet grass in that area and alone gave beauty to the premises. Trees were planted a little farther from the grasses and pool. Their branches danced to the tune of the night’s cool breeze. Electric bulbs around the branches, filling it with exceptional beauty. That night, the moon was full which added to its flourecence. Purity was humbled by what she saw.

As they got to the front door, Jeremy pressed numbers on a key pad hung by the side of the door.

He really didn’t have to use the bell, Purity thought. It was his home. The door steps were decorated with Hibsicus and rose flowers. The scent filled the air, she sniffed in some.

Jeremy watched her while waiting for the door to unlock itself. He smiled. “Do you like what you see?”

She was jolted back to reality. “Um…yeah. I’m impressed. You’ve got a nice place.” she complimented.

“You should be thanking my dad.”

A light sound came from the door and Jeremy turned the door knob. He pushed the door open. “After you,” he gestured.

She obediently walked in. She was greeted by a flight of stairs. The stair case was grand. The floor was marble. She heard some clanking behind her and seconds later, Jeremy was besides her. He held out his arm, “Lets go.”

She took it and they began ascending the stairs together. Everything looked opulent from the gleaming marble floors covered in beautiful throw rugs to the thin light and transparent curtains billowing like mist on the walls.

The furnishing were old but had a story to tell, a very fascinating one. They had to be antiques with what looked like hand carved workmanship.

Each area of the room melting into the the beauty of the next with some delicate settees next to more heavy book cases and fire place that melted with the walls that appeared to be actually used.


Episode Eighteen.

“Sit.” Jeremy beckoned to Purity, pointing at the couch.
He took her there and she sat down. “Relax. I’ll go get my dad.”

She mumbled some words and he went out.

Purity relaxed on the couch and studied the living room. The walls were painted white, very tidy. On the wall were portraits, large ones. The first was a depiction of a couple on their wedding day. She could tell that was Mr. Broderick and his late wife. They looked so happy together. Her striking hazel eyes reminded her of Jeremy, that’s where he got his from. The next, late Emily Broderick dressed in a designer gown, ears, neck and wrist decorated with gold. Chin held high and a sweet smile. She must have been a fashionista. And she’s so pretty. Too bad she’s gone. Good she can’t be forgotten. The last pictured Edwin Broderick, Jeremy Broderick and Emily Broderick. A happy one. A happy family. Jeremy must have been close to his parents especially his mama. She’d gone now and he’d do what he never dreamt of just to make his papa happy. Could she really do that? She wasn’t all that close to her parents. She never was. Jeremy was and is happy. She could try that too. She’d let him teach her. She wouldn’t wait anymore till they were sick and at the brink on death. No. Her eyes never left the portrait.

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“Beautiful, isn’t she?”

Edwin Broderick’s voice brought her back from her day dream. She stood up at once and tilted to the direction the voice came from. “Um..yes sir. She’s very pretty.”

He moved closer. “Oh, no. Don’t get up. Sit down.”

She remained standing. “Uh, sir? You’re in your pyjamas already. I came at the wrong time. I’m sorry.” True, she acted like a heartless b—h at times, she knew when to behave.

Edwin gave a soft laugh. He got to where she stood and pulled her to the couch, he sat too. “Don’t worry. I wasn’t really in bed. I really wanted to see you. How are you?”

She shook her head. “No, how are you? Heard you’re sick. How are you feeling now?”

Jeremy cleared his throat loudly. “I’ll go change, then join you guys.” He bowed and smiled at his father. Purity had forgotten Jeremy was beside his dad while they had been talking. Edwin caught her attention. She watched him bow, taking permission from his dad. So respectful. He turned to her, grinned and winked at her. Her heart lurched with excitement. She returned his grin with a mock salute. Then, he disappeared.

“He’s really a nice guy.”

“He’s your son. That’s why you think he’s nice.”

Edwin wasn’t surprised. Only Purity could dare make a statement like that about Jeremy. He admired her courage and boldness. Others may call it rude but it wasn’t to him.
“You’re the first female actually to degrade my some to my face. You even say I know it but concealing it because he’s my son.”

“No. I didn’t really mean-”

“Don’t worry, dear. You can say the truth always.”

Purity kept quiet. She nodded in response to Edwin’s remark.

He tapped her. “What’s going on in your mind?”

She stared at him with sadness. “How did it feel to lose her?”

He shrugged, then rubbed his forehead. “It was so painful. A lethal blow. I hadn’t believed she was dead. It took a week for me to accept the fact that she was gone and never coming back. I mourned her for a year. She was the source of my happiness. I never thought she’d go so soon. She had fought and fought. I had always wanted to take away her pains but I couldn’t. She’s now resting, relieved from the sufferings she went through.”

“I’m so sorry to hear that. I haven’t thought about it that way. How did you cope and Jeremy?”

“Jeremy surprised me greatly. He was so close to his mother and I felt it’d be hard for him. But he acted more matured than I ever was. He was there for me. We supported each other and got over it together, though he healed before me. He’s really strong.”

“And he still misses her. I saw the pain in his eyes when I asked about her, didn’t know she’s dead.”

He brightened up. “And he needs you. Needs you in his life.”

Purity waved her hand. “I don’t think so. What could I actually do for him?”

“With time you’d know. Wanna hear her last wish?”


“That you marry Jeremy.”


Episode Nineteen.

She gazed at him, her mouth gape. “You…you…she actually wanted that?”

He nodded. “Jeremy is not aware. If he’d known, he would have forced you to marry him.”

She agreed. “Yeah. He would. Know what he did today?”


“He barged into my office. Pleaded with me to get along with him all for you. I bet he’ll do some other crazy things when he hears his mum’s last wish.” She smiled at the thought of Jeremy kneeling, seriously begging her to marry him. Frowned at the thought of him handcuffing her hand to his, forcing her to marry him.

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“I agree with you. Will you marry him?”

She never expected that question. “I had said yes before. But I’m not sure.”

“Carry out her last wish. Please.”

“What if its a loveless, unhappy marriage?”

“That’s why you’re courting now. You’ll get to love him-”

The footsteps of Jeremy could be heard, interrupting Edwin. He appeared. He’d had his bath. Dressed in a white cotton shirt and black denim. Slippers covered his feet. Purity marvelled at how good he looked. Her eyes roving all over his body. Her gaze met his. Those piercing eyes penetrating her soul. She became still. His charming smile overwhelming her more and more. Butterflies sprang to life in her tummy. Purity, what’s this unfamiliar feeling?

Edwin observed the young children in his presence and smiled to himself. They were gradually falling for themselves. He was glad. He got on his feet. “Don’t forget what we talked about. Good night.”

Purity watched him leave and muttered ‘good night.’ She was sure he didn’t hear it. He briefly patted Jeremy on the back before strolling out of the room. Jeremy nodded.

“Hey, can I sit here?” he pointed at the spot his father just vacated.


She perceived his masculine scent as he filled the space next to her. “You’re really fast.”

“Sad that I didn’t give you enough time to talk with my dad?”

“Uh, kind of. Was getting to enjoy our conversation.”

“My father’s never boring. Just like me,” he boasted.

She snorted. “Stop dreaming. You’re probably the most boring man I’d ever met. Always fighting with me.”

Wow. He was suddenly interested to know more about the men she’d dated. “Tell me about the one you liked best.”

She tossed her head. “There’s no one.”

“I beg your pardon?”

“I actually mean that I’ve never dated. A romantic date. Never had one.”

He wasn’t going to buy that big, fat lie. What did she mean that she’d never dated? She was rich, pretty and had the body that men would fight over. Even if she really didn’t go out, there must be at least, one who had been in her life. This is the twenty-first century. She should come up with another lie cause he wasn’t gonna buy this one.”

“We’re friends. Tell me the truth,” he pleaded.

She laughed. “Why don’t you tell me about you? I’m beginning to bore you. There’s nothing interesting about me.”

He grumbled. “No. Do you really mean it? You’ve never dated? Gone out on a date?”

“Yep.” She crossed her legs, “Tonight was my first.” she was twisting her fingers.

He’d never met anyone like this before. He’d dated and discarded so many women but never came across one like this. He glimpsed at her, then at the 42inches television before him. The T.V. stared back. “You’re, you’re a-”

“A virgin,” she calmly said it.

His eyes drifted to he once more. Here was a woman who was so different from other women. She was really a virgin? He’d never met one, even once. Tricia who had been a little bit responsible had lost her virginity at the age of sixteen. Sitting beside him, a woman who had never dated and at the age of twenty-five, a virgin. He was intrigued by her. She was pure. Really pure. At that moment, he vowed to protect her. He’d never let any guy harm her. He’d marry her as pure as she was- a virgin.
“What about kissing?” he wanted to know more.

Her eyes dropped to the ground. “That was my first.”

“Really?” And she was good at it.

“Yeah. Weird, right?”

“Not at all. Its cool. Glad I stole that kiss.”

She blushed. “I’m not ashamed of it.”

“You shouldn’t. Um, did you actually think of losing your virginity?”

“In my head. I don’t see myself getting married. There’s no one who could take care of me like my parents, especially my father. I’m feeling dizzy. Drive me home.”

“Its past nine. Sleep over.”


Episode Twenty.

“Good morning,” Heather greeted Purity as she stepped into her office.

“Morning, Heather,” Purity replied cheerfully.

Heather noticed her boss was dressed in a casual wear- a denim jean and long sleeve shirt. Was this the Purity she knew?

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“Any updates?” Purity asked absent-mindly. She found herself thinking of Jeremy. Looking forward to having a great evening with him. He was different. She’d actually spent the night in his room, on his great bed. He slept on on of the guest rooms. He insisted she slept in his room. Called her parents to know she’d be sleeping over. The morning came, they had a wonderful breakfast prepared by Jeremy himself. She saw herself fitting into the family. She really longed to be there, a part of them. She was starting to love Edwin Broderick. The clothes she actually wore to the office belonged to Jeremy’s mom. They had persuaded her to wear it and she had given in.

“Um… Yeah. The financial problems we’re passing through is almost over. The Broderick’s decided to help us. Within two weeks, they’d be merging. You’ll be working directly under J. Broderick. The company’s CEO. There’s going to be a meeting this afternoon to discuss the other details. You have to be there.” Heather concluded.

They finally saved us. They hadn’t married yet. Her father was right. It wasn’t all about the company, but the marriage. She hoped never to let him down. She’d be working directly under Jeremy? If she would be married to him, she’d resign and look for a job elsewhere. With Jeremy in her work place, she’d never concentrate. She’d now have a boss- for the first time.
“Thanks. About the meeting this afternoon, I won’t be around. I’ll call my papa, he’ll handle it.” She had many things on her mind.

“Miss,” Heather called to her. “Did you just thank me?”

“I did?” She had. She’d learnt to thank people the hard way. “Oh, yeah. Its nothing.”

“Okay. J. Broderick, isn’t he the Jeremy that was here yesterday? Said he was your fiance?”

Purity glared at her. “How many people have you told?”

“No one.”

“Good. Keep your mouth shut. Not a word of this to anyone.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Purity smiled. “Have a nice day, Heather.”

Purity walked out of the building and was headed to the parking lot. Someone accidentally bumped into her.

“Watch it, b—h!” the woman screamed at her.

“Excuse me? You are the one who’s supposed to watch your steps. You bumped into me!” Purity yelled.

The woman eyed her. Her green eyes sternly glowering at her. She was dressed in a mini gown, it exposed her cleavage as well as other parts of her body. Her feet were covered with Wellington boots. Her dark hair flying as the wind caressed her face.
“You lack manners,” she muttered.

Purity flushed with anger. She slapped the woman standing before her. “That’s to show you that I really do lack manners.”

The woman’s face turned red. She tried to slap Purity. Purity was fast, she caught her hand mid-air. “I am Purity Theodore. No one crosses my path and gets away free.”

“So this is you?” the woman questioned. “This b—h, you?” she tried attacking Purity.

The security guards that had been observing the show caught the strange woman. Stopping her from attacking their boss. Two of them held her firmly, placing her hands to her back. She struggled, but couldn’t free herself.

Purity smirked to herself, triumphantly. “Do any of you know this s–t?”

The looked at each other and shook their heads.

“I don’t know her either. Listen to me you w—e, I don’t know who you are neither do I care to. I want you to leave this premises and never come back if you don’t want to spend the rest of your reading life in jail. I’m sure its hell already. Looks like your lover stood you up.” She dug out her new cell phone from the purse she carried. She took a picture of this strange lady. “I don’t know why I’m doing this, but I have a feeling it’ll have a good result. Throw this prostitute out of my company!”

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