AFRAID TO LOVE… Ewoma (Episode 21-25)

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AFRAID TO LOVE… Ewoma (Episode 21-25)

AFRAID TO LOVE... Ewoma (Episode 21-25)

Episode Twenty One.

She turned and walked majestically to her car. She sat in the driver’s seat as she got into it. Using the rear view mirror, she could see what was happening to that woman. One of the guards carried her out, she kept fighting within his grip, pounding his back. The other took her bag and other items that where on the floor and followed the other guard taking her out. While she’d been talking to the lady, she’d been receiving angry stares from her. Who was she? Why had she not apologised after she’d bumped into her? Where the hell do she come from? Was she actually looking for her? Only the b—h could answer these questions. For a moment, she was scared of her. No one had ever confronted her that way. The way she looked at her, was as if the woman had known her and had lots of scores to settle with her.
She kept watching as she was thrown outside the company. She started her car. Shifting the gear to reverse, the XC60 moved under her command. When she was done with reversing, she shifted the gear to drive and headed to the gate of the premises. She honked and the gate was opened for her. On getting out, she almost hit a woman. Fortunately, she was quick with her brakes and the woman ran to the side of the vehicle. Purity was about to lash this woman with unfriendly words. She turned to her, ah, she was familiar, this same woman who had created a scene minutes ago at her company. Purity didn’t say anything, she kept on looking at her. The lady returned her gaze with glaring eyes. Those eyes had no feelings or sympathy or human emotions in them. They were just black. Purity wondered who this woman was and why she’d been staring at her with such eyes. But right now, she didn’t care. Giving her a cold stare, the woman removed her eyes from Purity’s and scurried away.
Purity felt she had won. She smiled to herself and drove off.
“What are you doing here?” Jeremy asked Tricia as she stepped into his office.

She ignored him. Threw her things on the mohagony desk and settled on a chair facing Jeremy. As she sat, she crossed her legs.

Jeremy quietly watched her settle down. He was tapping his fountain pen on the desk, examining her.
“Aren’t you going to give me an answer? And have I not warned you not to dress like this to visit me?”

She scoffed. “Listen to me. I’m not your girlfriend anymore. I can dress anyhow I want to.”

“Right. But,” he raised his brows. “You’re still coming to visit me, so watch the way you dress.” he warned.

“I can’t believe you’re talking to me like this. What went wrong? I don’t understand.”

He frowned. “State your business.”

“Don’t try to act formal with me,” she had begun to raise her voice. “I’m here to see you and talk with you. I demand an explanation. Why did you break up with me?”

Jeremy was amazed. What the hell is this b—h talking about? He gave a throaty laugh. “From what I can remember, you ended the relationship. Your exact words, I can still recall; ‘Jeremy Broderick. Its over between us, I hate you and will hate you for the rest of my life. I never want to be seen around you.’ Am I correct?”

“That was then. I didn’t mean it. I want you back.”

“Well,” he snorted, “Its too late. I told you I am engaged, didn’t I?”

She swallowed. “Few days after the break up you’re already having a fiancee? You were in a hurry to get rid of me?”

“That wasn’t what exactly happened.”

“Oh, yeah.” she straightened her legs. “I don’t really want to know. Do you know how much I love you? How much I really want to be with you?”

“Tricia, I do not know. Honestly, I don’t think I want to know. Please, stop all that.”

Tricia got up, placed both hands on the desk and looked affectionately at him. “I know you still love me. And I love you too.”

“Hell, no. I don’t!” he blurted.

“You don’t? Never, didn’t?”


She began shedding tears. Placed her right hand on her hair and drew it back.

Episode Twenty Two.

This sight of her really touched him. Her crying state. She looked like an innocent child and an angel whenever she wept. This was what he always fell for. It wasn’t working this time, he wouldn’t fall for it. Lifting himself up from the swivel chair, he found his way to where she stood. He took her in his arms.

“Will you stop crying?” he asked, almost pleading.

“Please, come back to me. I can’t live without you.”

He released her and looked her in the eye. “Its not possible. We’re not meant to be. I really do care for you. I don’t see myself marrying you. Its not like I didn’t try, I did, but it was getting nowhere. It was gonna end anyway,” he calmly explained.

“If its the fights you’re talking about it happens in every relationship. I’ll change, I’ll be better.”

“No, Tricia. There’s no going back. Lets move on.”

“Its easy for you to say because you already have this fiancee of yours. Do you love her? Is she great in bed, like I am?”

Her unexpected question really shocked Jeremy. Was he in love with Purity? He didn’t know for sure, but he had started developing feelings for her. If she was great in bed, he had no answer to that. She’s supposed to be. She’s very pretty and had a lovely body, why shouldn’t she?
“Tricia, I don’t know if I love her. I think I’ll get to love her-”

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She cut him off. “So why can’t you get to love me? I bet she’s no better than me. We made great love. We’re- we’re so good together. Come on.”

His eyes darkened. “Don’t talk about her like that. She’s pure, a virgin.”

Tricia stilled for some seconds, then cackled with laughter. “She’s so not your type! You knew the women you slept with weren’t virgins.”

“You knew I was cheating!”

“Of course, I knew. It pained me a lot. But what could I have done? The love I feel for you is so strong that I agreed to let you have them, but you’ll always return to me and my bed.”

“That’s not love, Tricia. If its love, you wouldn’t want any woman to touch me.”

“That’s my definition of love!” she retorted. “If its the sex you want with her cuz I know you’ve never slept with a virgin before, do it and I’d be waiting for you.”

“I am not sleeping with her till I marry her. I have changed and want her as my wife. I really do respect and admire her for her innocence. I’m not going to take innocence and dump her, no.”

“You really didn’t value me. I hate you. You cheated on me with several different women on different occasions and I didn’t complain. I felt every man must cheat. Little did I know I was deceiving myself. You’ll pay for this, Jeremy.”

He shot her an angry look. “How am I to know that you didn’t cheat as well?”

She gravely glared at him. “You’re a b—–d!” Grabbing her purse and other stuff from the desk, she snarled at him, “You messed with the wrong woman! I’m now a love-lorn. I’m gonna deal with you and that so-called virgin of yours.”

Something snapped within Jeremy. “Get out of here! I never wanna set my eyes on you, ever again.”

“We’ll see.” She started walking towards the door. When she got there, she regained her composure. She looked at him over her shoulder. He was watching her with eyes, dark with anger and possibly hatred. She smirked. “Jeremy Broderick, I love you. I have made up my mind not to share you with another woman. This is your last chance. If I can’t have you, no other woman will.” she concluded and proudly paraded herself out of the office, slamming the door behind her.

Jeremy collapsed on a chair, the one Tricia had sat on. “Holy s–t!” he swore violently. “I regret the day I met that where. I curse the day I agreed to date her. Woe to the day I slept with her. D–n!” he raked his hand through his hair.


Episode Twenty Three.

“What’s up with the look on your face?” Prudence questioned Purity. “Did something go wrong? Anything that had to do with Jeremy?”

Purity smiled on hearing Jeremy’s name. “No, mama. Just that a mean-looking lady created an ugly scene at the company’s premises as I was about leaving. I don’t know why she did that.”

Prudence heaved a sigh of relief. “Hope she isn’t dangerous? I’m worried about you.”

Purity disagreed. “I don’t think so, she looked like a nervous wreck. Do not be worried. I’m fine.”

“Alright dear, come here.” Prudence wanted a hug from her daughter. To her surprise, Purity jumped into her arms. Holding Purity so close and at her will ignited memories of her childhood. Purity was her favourite girl. They were so close and did so many things together. But as she grew into a teenager, things changed. Due to her fears and insecurity, she began viewing both her parents as enemies instead of allies and they drifted apart. Prudence had tried to mend the rift between them; Purity never gave her that chance. She hadn’t given up on her daughter. “Are you alright?” Prudence questioned, Purity was still in her arms.

Purity laughed softly. “Mama. I’m good. I know you’re wondering why.”

Prudence let her daughter go and gazed at her silver eyes. “I want to know why.”

“Mama, I’m so happy.” Purity jumped up excitedly like a ten year old. “Though that b—h nearly spoilt it. But I’m good.” She gave a broad grin, clasped her hands together and twirled once.

Prudence rubbed her eyes with both palms and opened them again. Did Purity just spin around with happiness? Was her daughter okay? “Its okay, honey. Um, come sit.” She took Purity by the hand and they both sat on a two-seater sofa. Prudence held Purity’s arm. “Tell me, why are you so happy?”

Purity giggled. “Mama. Jeremy and his papa made me feel so special last night.”

Prudence was so happy to hear that. “Really? Tell me about it.”

“Um,” Purity raised her head and rolled her eyes, trying to recall the previous night’s events. “Well, he bought me a new cell phone. The latest. I really didn’t expect it. But I was glad he did. Secondly, he took me to a restaurant and we had a great meal, I was a little bit shy but it all went well.” Purity was talking slowly, choosing her words. At times, she looked away from her man’s gaze. She had never done this before. “We kind of fought over a minor thing, but made up later on. He took me to his wonderful home, it was so so beautiful and cozy. His papa and I had a little chat. He thinks I’m kind of exceptional from all other women and will be the best for Jeremy. Jeremy couldn’t believe I’m still a virgin. I haven’t really felt this happy in a long long time.”

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Prudence was full of smiles. “I am so glad I lived to see this moment. My daughter, you’re a good and special girl. You just fail to notice it ’cause you’re always alone, indoors and commanding people to do this or that. Spending time out with others will make you catch lots of fun.”

Purity nodded in agreement. “I know that now. I will try my best.”

“Good. Do you like Jeremy?”

Purity’s cheek turned pink. “Isn’t that a personal thing?”

“Not with me.”

“Okay. Kind of. I don’t know. Maybe.”

It was Prudence’s turn to laugh. She laughed hysterically. Seconds passed, then she gradually ended the laughter. “I know you like him. You will eventually love him if not now.”

“Love? Who’s talking about love? Its only ‘like’. Love doesn’t mean like, neither does like mean love.” Her feelings instantly changed. Hurt could be sensed in her words.

“I’ve always known you to be this frightened or scared when it comes to love. What is wrong?”

She didn’t want to ruin her day. “Lets forget about that. I left the office just to spend time with you. Anything could happen tomorrow or nest. I wanna be a good woman, just Jeremy is a good man.” She fell on her mum’s shoulder and beamed.

“I hope this lasts. Lets go make lunch.” Prudence stood up.

“Okay. You’ll tell me about Emily. I really want to know lots about her,” Purity replied, standing up.

Prudence was bewildered. “Okay.”
Tricia sat all alone in the dark. Her hair was a mess, she looked as if she’d lost a beloved in death. Little rays of lights coming in from the window revealed littered bottles on the ground. She’d been drinking. Drinking ever since she got back from Jeremy’s place of work. Why would a man make her go so crazy? She’d loved him since she set eyes on him. Been a good friend to him. The relationship hadn’t been so nice, but they never discussed it. Now, he wants to get married. Not to her, to a pure, virgin. Jeremy was attracted to virgins? She wasn’t but her slept with her. And every touch from him made her fall more and more in love with him. Jeremy was hers. She wailed bitterly. She placed her hands on her lips. “Jeremy is mine,” she muttered in between sobs. “Its over, will never share him again. He is mine.”


Episode Twenty Four.

He grunted and dug his hands into his hair and out. D–n! He smashed his glass against the counter. He looked like a demon in his mad state.

“Hey! Control yourself!” The waiter yelled at him.

He turned and glared at the waiter. His eyes were as cold as ice. His cold gaze sent shivers down the spine of anyone who’d see them. “What did you just say?” he snarled at the waiter who just scolded him.

The waiter trembled. His hands were shaking. “N-Nothing. Carry on. I’m sorry.” Fear could be detected from the way he spoke.

Unexpectedly, the angry man gripped the throat of the waiter. “Tell me the truth! You have never set eyes on her for the past nine years? She has never come for a drink or anything? If you don’t tell me the truth, I’ll murder you here and now!”

The waiter was not able to make a sound. He just held onto the man’s big hand struggling to free himself. He choked in the process, finding it very difficult to breathe. The angry man was stronger and tightened his grip on the waiter’s neck.

A group of persons observed what had been happening between the waiter, known as Nathan and the infuriated man. These persons were regular customers of the bar and knew Nathan. Sensing he was in trouble, they rushed to his rescue.

“What the f–k are you doing?” the first guy barked at the soon-to-be murderer.

His ears heard the voice that just spoke. He turned to face the guy. His hold on Nathan was released a bit, he hadn’t let go off him completely. He frowned as he examined him and the different guys with him.

“Let him go!” Another voice commanded.

He silently studied him. He was very hefty and muscular. He had a very wired look, strange and dangerous. He didn’t have to hear another command to free the waiter. They’d surely pounce on him if he refused. He tactfully let the waiter go. The waiter immediately began coughing, he tried to catch his breath.

“What was that for?” the first guy questioned.

“He has something I need!” he angrily replied.

“Oh, no. I don’t!” Nathan defended himself. “She hasn’t been here since that day. We’ve never set eyes on her ever since. I do not know her.” he coughed again. That was a deadly grip.

“She promised she would. You are lying.”

“To hell with you and her. Get the f–k outta here!” Nathan roared with anger.

The man filled with fury took a step towards Nathan. Expertly, the five guys that had earlier come to Nathan’s rescue, blocked him. “Leave. If you don’t want to say hello to your mama in hell to night, get lost!” a different guy challenged.

He wasn’t stupid. He knew when to retreat. He had been defeated and had lost. Surely, he’d never stop searching for this girl. He’d search till he dies. She was really precious. He smiled devilishly and dashed out of the bar. God! What on earth was happening to him? For a girl he had met only once, he’d been making a fool of himself. Nine years ago, he saw her and never caught a glimpse of her after that day. It never occurred to him that he wouldn’t see her again. Was she dead? Nine years. He didn’t even know her real name. She’d probably be married now with a kid or two. She wasn’t the marrying type, she’d never settle down. She had cried that night, telling him her deepest fears, of course; under the influence of alcohol. So beautiful, so angelic. Why had he believed her when she said she’d return the next day? Did her fear consume her? Why bother? He’d fallen in love with her and must bed her. She’s his.
Edwin was relaxing on the lounger under a parasol. He was close to the swimming pool dressed in just a white single and underwear. A stool was close to him, on it was a glass jug filled with orange juice. He’d stopped taking alcohol since he started having problems with his heart. He smiled lazily as he enjoyed the feel of the wind on his body.

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When he sat up, he attempted to pour himself the orange juice from into the empty glass that stood by the jug. During the process, he heard heavy footsteps on the brick floor. Angry foot steps. He wondered what was going on, the angry man was coming his direction. He successfully filled his glass with the juice. He took it up and was about to take a sip.

“Father!” Jeremy cried out.


Episode Twenty Five.

Edwin was startled. The glass had missed his mouth and spilled on his singlet. This was bad. He dropped the glass quickly.
“Are you mad? Jeremy what is wrong? You see what you made me do? You really scared me. I don’t have a heart for that.”
Edwin cursed his son. He got mad at him. Without waiting for a response, he stood up from the lounger and made to leave.

“Father, I’m sorry,” Jeremy humbly apologised though, he couldn’t see the wrong he had done. He followed his father in.

Edwin didn’t turn to reply his son, he kept on moving. When they got into the living room, he turned to Jeremy.

“What is it?” he queried.

Jeremy stopped and scanned his father. He noticed the stain on his single and not only that, the man was not happy. He was wearing a sad look. He looked more older than his actual age. There was no joy in his eyes.
“Father, are you okay?” Jeremy enquired, he reached out for the old man. “You don’t seem to look good.”

Edwin backed off. “I’m fine. Now, tell me what you came for,” he demanded.

Something was going on with this man, Jeremy thought. He doesn’t sound okay. Hostility was in his voice and it was very rare for him to sound that way. “I’m not saying a thing till you tell me what’s wrong with you.”

Edwin sat on the couch and rubbed his head. “Remembered your mum and the good times we had together. I feel lonely.”

His father had just lied. Jeremy was sure that his father was hiding something. It’ll come out soon, but now he had to focus on what he came for. “You can remarry if its your wish.”

Edwin shot him a grave look.

Jeremy smirked. “Tricia was at my office.”

“I was never in support of your relationship with that girl.”

“Because of Purity, I guess.”


“So you need to help me.”

“I don’t understand.”

“Tricia, she’s in love,” he bit his lips in disgust, “obsessed with me.”

Edwin sighed. “Aren’t you two over?”

He scratched his head. “We are. But she claims to still love me. She said she’d never let any other woman have me. I’ve never seen her that way. I am confused.”

“That’s a jealous woman’s talk.”

“And when women get jealous, world war three’s about to commence.”

Edwin laughed. “Its your problem. Deal with it.”

Jeremy walked over to his father and sat down with him. “Tricia isn’t all that bad. Talk to her, please. If she goes on this way, I’m sure she’d hurt me or Purity.” He wasn’t so concerned of himself, but Purity. He wouldn’t let anyone harm her and get away with it. She now had a place in his heart and he was gonna safeguard that place and her too. Using Purity, he was sure his father was going to act. He loved that girl.

“If its Purity you’re talking about, why don’t you see to this yourself?” Edwin asked showing no interest.

Jeremy frowned. “You insisted I marry her. If not that, do you think I’d be in this mess?”

“Aren’t you a grown man? Why don’t you admit it. You are getting to love Purity.”

Jeremy faked a cough. He smiled coyly. “What did you say?”

Edwin was bewildered at his son’s stupid question. “I know you heard me. I wonder why you’re always like this when I talk about love. Don’t you believe in it?”

“Sure, I do. Just don’t know. I’m still confused. Are you going to help me or not?”

Edwin shook his head.

“Its your Purity. Remember I’m filing for a divorce a year after the marriage. And I can still decide not to marry her now.”

“Emotional blackmail,” Edwin remarked laughing. “Have you told her?”

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