AFRAID TO LOVE…Ewoma ( Episode 46 – 50)

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AFRAID TO LOVE…Ewoma ( Episode 46 – 50)

AFRAID TO LOVE...Ewoma ( Episode 46 - 50)

Episode Forty Six.

Purity hadn’t turned to looked at the person. Now she had to. Slowly, she turned around. That face-the face she never wanted to see faced her, smiling.

She could feel her heart ripping out of her chest. What was going on? Jeremy had a cousin and he never told her about it until now? And this cousin turns out to be her worst night mare-Ernest. He life was definitely going to come to an end, it had all crumbled. What was she going to do? How could she not have seen this coming? If Ernest tells Jeremy? She’d been involved with Ernest in the past and now, Jeremy? What would he think of her? Ugly and embarrassing picture evoked her mind. She just wished the ground would open and swallow her up. Her legs were planted to the ground. She still couldn’t move.

“Purity? Are you okay?” Jeremy asked. He couldn’t understand her attitude. Didn’t know why she became still. Was she about to faint again? He firmly held her hand and gently shook her.

Feeling Jeremy’s hand on hers, she was startled, almost jumped out of her skin. “Jeremy….why? Um….” She lost the courage to speak, four questioning eyes were boldly staring at her. It was her bad. The shock of seeing Ernest at her party and knowing he was her fiance’s cousin still overwhelmed her. She couldn’t bring herself down, yet. She had to act like she didn’t know him.
She gave a nervous laugh. “I’m sorry. Was just… know…..lost in the world of fantasy.”

Jeremy heaved a sigh of relief. He was glad she was alright. Nothing should go wrong on this special night. “Care to share with us this fantasy of yours?”

“She just met me. Maybe it was about me.” Ernest chuckled.

Purity glared furiously at him. “Sorry to burst your bubble. It was about my darling, Jeremy.” She smiled coyly at Jeremy. And held her hand for a handshake. “Nice to meet you, Ernest.”

Ernest shook her hand firmly and refused letting go. He deeply admired her and loved the touch of her palm. “I must confess, my cousin has great taste. You’re fabulous.” At that, he let her hand drop.

“Of course,” Ronald chipped in. “Our baby sister is charming. Jeremy is one lucky guy. He’s bewitched her.”

Purity was beginning to feel better. She wasn’t going to let anyone ruin her night. “For now, I agree I am a baby. I’ve got to many men on my side, who’d give their lives for me.” A smiled played on her lips. That statement was directly for Ernest. It worked. She saw flashes of anger in his eyes. She smiled confidently. “Excuse me, I need to use the restroom.”

“Can I come with you?” Jeremy winked at her.

She blushed furiously. “In your dreams.”

“Purity’s one hell of a girl,”Jeremy muttered as she was out of ear shot.

Rodney and Ronald laughed.

“That’s our sister, but she’s precious to us,” Rodney told him.

“How did she even fall for you?” Ronald questioned. “She has always hated men. Melisa, ah….she’s a no go area.”

“Excuse me? Melisa? Who is Melisa?” Jeremy asked, confused.

The twin brothers exchanged glances. “She hasn’t told you?” they asked in unison.

Jeremy shook his head.

“Melisa is Purity. In fact, its her favourite name.” Ronald informed him.

“Oh,” Jeremy smiled. “She loves ‘Purity.’ And I’ll go by that.”

“You wish.”

“I’ll take good care of your sister. I do love her, very much. You don’t need to worry.”

“We don’t doubt that. But how come? She loves yu too?”

Jeremy chuckled. “Its a long story.”
Purity, in the wash room. She raised her head to face the mirror. She was trying to be brave, to face Ernest and then tell Jeremy the truth. She heard the door creak open, she turned to it, but couldn’t see anyone. Sighing, she faced the mirror again. Then, she felt a hand on her waist. A strong masculine hand. He eyes widened with horror.

“I have come, to make you mine.”

Episode Forty Seven.

Purity trembled on hearing that voice. Did she even share a thing with this Ernest? Why was he bent on ruining her life? No man could ever manipulate her like that, she wasn’t going to give him any pleasure of him troubling her. She was gonna deal with him. Let him know no man controls her life or tells her what to do. He wasn’t Jeremy or her father.
“Let go!” She ordered. Her two hands gripped the sink tightly.

Ernest hardened his hold on her waist. He gently sniffed in her scent. “Oh, how much I’ve longed for this touch. To feel you, to want you again. Oh, my Melisa. I’ve missed you so much. Why don’t you come back to me? I know how to treat you. Please.”

A word Ernest uttered didn’t move her. She was used to men pleading with her-even Aaron Theodore-so why should this one make any sense? She only met him once and it was one night. So why should she become his wife or be indebted to him forever? That was the biggest mistake of her life. He should be asking for forgiveness not asking to be with her again. He doesn’t feel guilty?
“Let me go! If you don’t release me right away, I’m gonna scream. What is a man doing in the ladies room?” She rhetorically asked. “Let go!”

He couldn’t risk being caught. Not by any woman or man. He had to admit it – he’d prefer it if Jeremy walked in find them that way. It’d please him to watch the young couple fight especially when he’s the reason for it.

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Satisfied with the sent of her, he freed and forcefully turned her to face him. He was much more powerful.

Purity did all she could to fight him. She was scared at that moment, she thought he was gonna rape her. She never wanted to be a victim of rape. She’d rather die a virgin. “What are you trying to do?” She asked immediately Ernest turned her to face him. He was very close to her. She perceived his cologne which brought ugly images to her head. They reminded her of a past she’d forgotten. D–n this man! She hated him so much.

Ernest chuckled wickedly. “Darling, we can’t take here. I’m taking you out.”

Purity was slightly relieved hearing her didn’t want to rape her. He was taking her out? But to where? Maybe he was scared. Didn’t want any woman to meet him there. “You find it dangerous if you’re caught here with a woman against her will?” She laughed nervously.

“Shut up!” Ernest took hold of her right hand and made to drag her out of the rest room.

She violently resisted his hold. “Where are you taking me?” her eyes blazing with anger.

“Keep your voice down. I want us to go out and talk in a more conducive environment.”

Purity stubbornly shook her head. “I’m not going anywhere with you. This is my engagement party. My fiance and brothers are waiting for me. I have to go join them.”

Hearing her call his cousin her fiance got him upset. He wanted to be her man, her everything and not that d–n Jeremy. How could they even be related? “I hope he comes and finds us this way.”

She glared at him.

“Where do we go to talk?” he demanded fiercely.

Purity sighed. She too didn’t want Jeremy or anyone to find them that way. “Lets go out, through the back door. We can stay under the trees close to the pool.”

Ernest smiled triumphantly. “Lets move, my princess. We need to be extra careful, so as not to be seen by anybody.”

“What is it you want to talk about?” Purity threw at him as soon as they were safe and out of earshot under the trees. It wasn’t easy getting out there. The many servants, they had to escape them all. Well, they made it. “And please, make it snappy.” She added. All she needed was to be with Jeremy and not an idiot.

Ernest stared at her with love written in his eyes. “Can’t you see I can’t forget you? You have always been in my head since that night. In my heart, you’ve always remained.”

“We never had a relationship. We never did anything. I want myself that night. I was drunk. All that happened, I regret deeply. Its a wound that has healed. I don’t want to remember it anymore. You can’t have me. Its not possible.” Purity felt nothing but pity for him, but she wasn’t going to let her feelings control her.

“Do you really mean that?” Ernest was crushed.

Episode Forty Eight.

Purity shifted her gaze from his. “Yes, I mean it.”

“What now makes my cousin different from me?” He wasn’t letting go easily.

She smiled on hearing that question. “Everything about him is different. The way he talks, walks, eats. The manner he treats me is so much romantic.”

Ernest frowned deeply. “You are just fantasizing about those things. He might be kind to you now, for a reason. Who know he might change after having you on his bed?”

“What is your problem? Why do you want to make Jeremy a devil to me?”

“‘Cause we men are all the same. We have different tactics of getting the woman we want. Jeremy is just lying and I’m telling you the truth.”

“You’re a big liar. Jeremy would never do that.”

“He’s a womanizer. Different women has slept with him. Why do you think he’ll change for you?”
Jeremy glanced at his gold chain wrist watch for the fifth time. A frown creased his forehead. Where the hell is Purity? His eyes searched the entire ball room as he half heartedly listened to what the brothers were saying. His mind was all about Purity. He really wanted to be with her. They were the couple celebrating and had to be together. Where did she disappear to? Had the restroom swallowed her or what? Its been over twenty minutes. He prayed she hadn’t fainted again. She should be fine. He inhaled deeply.

Rodney noticed his anxiety. “Hey, Jeremy what’s wrong?”

“Have you been listening to my story?” Ronald enquired, he saw the lines formed on Jeremy’s face.

Jeremy sighed. “Honestly, I’ve not and I’m not fine. Purity, she’s taking too long.”

The twins laughed.

“She’s gonna come soon. Are you scared she’s gonna disappear?”

Jeremy stared at Ronald with eyes full of pity, as if he was going to cry.

“Come on, she’ll be back soon. Don’t cry.”

It was Jeremy’s turn to laugh. “Thank you so much? It was nice meeting you two.” He briefly shook hands with them. “I’ve got to find her. I should have followed her.”

“All the best.”

Jeremy nodded and left them.

“What’s wrong with him?”

“He’s in love with our Purity.”

Ronald smiled. “I’m glad she found someone like him. They deserve eachother.”

“Come, lets go chat with dad and mum, I’ve missed them.”

“So have I.” Rodney led the way.
Jeremy walked briskly towards the ladies restroom. He so much needed to find Purity. He had never been in one before, but he would just because of his Purity. He’s missing her and wants to see her, to gaze into those lovely eyes. That stubborn woman, where could she have disappeared to? He finally got to the door. As he reached out for the door knob, a voice stopped him.

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“If I were you, I wouldn’t do that.”

He dropped his hand. He knew that voice.
“Tricia, what are you doing here?”

She smiled. “I should be asking you that. What were you about to do? Go into the ladies room?”

Jeremy scratched his head.

That, she admired.

“I mean in my house. This party, what are you doing here?”

She rolled her eyes and bit her lips seductively. “I came with an invited guest. I’m his date. Ernest.”

“Ernest? My cousin?” What was Ernest doing with Tricia-his ex. Does he even know that?

“Whoa!” Tricia exclaimed. “He’s your cousin?” She was glad.

“Yes.” He had to focus on his aim. “I’m searching for my fiancee, did you by any chance see her? Is she in there?” he pointed at the door of the restroom.

Tricia chuckled. “I did, I think I saw her come out with someone.”

“Do you know where she is?”

She smiled and licked her lips. “I do. Can take you there if you want.”

Jeremy nodded.

Seconds later, they were up at the balcony. From there, its possible to see the entire vicinity. Tricia paced, as if searching for something. Her eyes lit up in joy as she saw what she had been looking for.

“What are we doing up here?” Jeremy was confused and disturbed at the same time.

“You’ve got to see this.”

Jeremy walked up to Tricia and saw what she asked him to see.

She hid her smile. “That’s the virgin you left me for. Look what she’s doing.”

Episode Forty Nine.

Files piled up on his desk and Adam his P.A kept bringing in more and more files. They all needed his signature. He wished Adam could sign just like him so he’d get to sign on those papers. Jeremy was in no mood to work. He still couldn’t get over the shock he felt last night. Seeing Purity in the arms of his cousin got him crazy. It was appaling. He never imagined Purity doing that. But Tricia took him there and she had told him she was with Ernest. Could it be that they plotted that? Ernest just arrived, how was that even possible? Purity bothered him more, he had to know what she was doing with that man. She was pure? Had she been lying to him? There were so many douts, he just didn’t know what to think anymore.

The door of his office opened, Adam walked in, carrying a pile of files. Jeremy stared at him motionless.

“Sir?” Adam was worried about his boss. He has entered his office up to three times and his boss had just sat down without saying a word to him. He wasn’t his normal cheerful self. Something was wrong. He had to be happy, only last night he had his engagement part, why is he now sulky? Adam couldn’t bear to see his boss that way. He had to help him. He so much wanted to.
“Sir?” he called again.

Jeremy didn’t respond.

Adam gently squeezed his shoulder.

Jeremy shuddered on fright, feeling a hand on his shoulder. When he got to see that it was Adam, he tried calming his nerves.

“Don’t be scared, boss. Its me, Adam.” he tried to pacify him. Seeing his reaction, he knew that all was not well. “I don’t think you are fine.”

Jeremy groaned and relaxed back on the chair. He raked a hand through his hair. “Is my fiancee here?” She was still his, no matter how angry he was at her.

“You mean Purity Theodore?” Adam was relieved that his boss had spoken.

He nodded in affirmation.

“No. No one’s here.”

Jeremy glanced at his wrist watch. What’s keeping her? She should be here by now. “If she comes, please let her in.”

“Alright. Are you okay?”

That question was unexpected. “I am fine.”

“I don’t think you are. There is so much work to do and you’ve not done any.” He drew his attention to the piled up files on his desk. “Not only that, you haven’t said a word to me this morning until now. You are not yourself. If you are not okay, you should rest. All these can wait.”

Jeremy was impressed. There was someone who cared about him besides his family. He felt loved, like any brother would have for him. He smiled in appreciation. “Thanks Adam. I’ll just wait here in my office for Purity and rest at the same time.”

Adam was happy. “That will be better. I’m sure Miss Theodore can help you feel better. I’m off.”

Inwardly, Jeremy hoped that Purity would make him feel better. She just had to. The way he felt, only she had made him that way. He had never been that angry at any woman before, neither had he been jealous. It was good he could keep is feelings in check. It would have been too bad for his cousin if he didn’t know how. He’d have strangled him.

He raised his head and was stunned to see a female figure sitting comfortably on a chair opposite him. There was a lovely smile on her face which he considered disgusting. Her appearance was only going to add to his troubles. If Purity comes and find them together? He had to get rid of her.
“How did you get in here without my knowledge?”

She smiled broadly. “When I got here, you were deep in thoughts. So, I preferred sitting here and waiting till you got back from the world of fantasy.”

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Darn it! Was he that absorbed in those thoughts? “Did you even knock?”

“I don’t need to knock. I’m already familiar with this company.”

A slight frown of disapproval appeared on Jeremy’s face. Arguing with her wasn’t on his menu, the little strength he had, he had to reserve it for Purity-that would be hell.
“Tell me what you came for?”

“You are looking weary, are you good?” She bluntly ignored his statement.

“If you don’t have anything doing here, get out.” He was rude, but that didn’t bother him.

Tricia wrinkled her nose. “I know you’re still hurt and getting over what you saw last night. I’m here to help.

Episode Fifty.

Her statement troubled him more. “What do you mean by that? Help me with what? I don’t remember texting you or calling you to come help me out.”

She rolled her eyes. “Relax, I know you didn’t ask for my help. As a good friend that I’ve always been, I figured out you need it.”

Jeremy scratched his head. “What kind of help are you here to offer?”

She grinned. “You are heartbroken. You are in need of a company.”

He gave a mocking laugh. “Who told you I’m heartbroken?”

“I said, I just figured out you could be.” She shifted uncomfortably on the chair.

He shook his head in amusement. “Now, your help isn’t needed. Please, leave.”

Tricia pursed her lips. Now, that didn’t work out. Something else has to. “Why do you hate my presence this much? Jeremy, we’ve been friends, more than friends for close to four years now. Suddenly, you begin disliking me? What did I do wrong? Any time I come to visit, its either you throw me out or walk out on me.” She stood up and paced around his office.

Jeremy silently examined her.

“Today, I came to render assistance,” She turned to face him. “I know you are not okay after seeing what you saw last night. I came to help you get better and now you ask me to leave? I’m heartbroken too.”

He instantly felt sorry for her. Maybe she truly wanted to help him. “Tricia, sit down. I’m sorry for reacting the way I did. Honestly, I am not fine.”

She smiled to herself and resumed her seat. “What is bothering you?”

He placed his left elbow on his desk and rested his head on that arm. “I just don’t get it. What were they doing out there all alone in the dark? That was Purity’s engagement party. How could she? What does she even have with Ernest?”

“I’m as confused as you are. Don’t know why Ernest broke my heart this way,” she muttered sadly.

Jeremy stared at her. “What’s with you? Weeks before that party, you were all over me and even wanted to work with me. Now you say you’re heartbroken, how is that even possible?”

That question hit her hard. “You want me to keep mourning you? I dare not. I’ve got other things to do.”

He kept looking at her in askance. “I really hope that’s true.” He was sure she wasn’t saying the truth. He could read her like a book. “Have you heard from Ernest? What did he tell you?”

She shook her head. “Nothing. Have you?”

“I don’t even like him. There’s something sinister about him. Need to talk to Purity before anyone else. He might tell lies about her.”

“Talk to him first. Your virgin might be the one lying. You never can tell.”

“You sound so convinced, like you know a lot about her. Tell me what you know.”

“I don’t know anything.” She denied.

Jeremy wasn’t buying that. “Out with it.”

She sighed. “Okay. Don’t tell anyone about this. Ernest mentioned to me that they had met years back and kind of dated.”

Jeremy couldn’t believe what he just heard. Dated? Dated? Purity had told him she had never dated any guy. He was the person who had stolen her first kiss. What was this devil trying to do? Split them apart? He was suddenly crazed with anger. “Who gave you the guts to say such lies about my fiancee to my face?” he hauled himself off the swivel chair.

Tricia was scared. “Its… Its..the…..truth.”

“The truth? What do you hope to gain if you put us apart? Purity was in Ernest arms last night. You took me up and showed them to me. How did you even know they were there, together? You two most have planned it. I don’t even get how Ernest is involved but you, you’re no exception.”

Tricia was ashamed of herself. She had to cover it up. “How dare you accuse me of that? Yes, I was in love with you, but I no longer do. I…. I only told you what he told me. I’m hurt as well. The second time by two cousins. Jeremy, I’m hurt.”

“Get out!” he barked at her.

She didn’t know what demon had possessed Jeremy. She hadn’t seen him that way before. He trusted Purity so much and protected her. We’ll see if that trust remains after what he saw and what she just told him. Let’s see if he can protect her from this, she thought silently to herself. Receiving one more blank look from Jeremy, she scurried away.

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