AFRAID TO LOVE… Ewoma (Episode 76 – 80)

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AFRAID TO LOVE… Ewoma (Episode 76 – 80)

AFRAID TO LOVE... Ewoma (Episode 76 - 80)

Episode Seventy Six.

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“Wisely said.” Darren studied his friend intently. “What’s up with you Jeremy? You have really changed. You actually never cared about women in the past or how they felt about you. Presently, you are even willing to risk your life for this one women. The one woman who made you take no from a lady. Has she enchanted you? Got you under her spell?”

He laughed. “What I feel for her just keeps growing as the day passes by. I can’t keep missing her. I want to see her a and know if the intense feelings will disappear.”

“Oh. And that’s when you’ll fall deeper into her charms.”

“I don’t know what to call it yet. I’ve never felt this way in my life.”

“Afraid to call it love? Afraid to love her? She has broken into pieces, the walls you built round your heart.”

Jeremy nodded solemnly. “Maybe.”
“Excuse me, miss,” Dr. Allan said to a lady snooping around the hospital for hours now, “How may we help you?”

The lady causing so much trouble spun around to face the owner of the familiar voice that had just spoken to her. She was ready to vent all her anger on him. “I am looking for a patient. He was admitted here two days ago. I need to see him!” she demanded.

Dr. Allan was shocked knowing it was Tricia that had been causing all the ruckus that morning. The previous day, she had said she’d come back. She really meant it? “Calm down, Miss Tricia. Who exactly are you looking for?” Allan was wearing a cool smile, knowing that would provoke her further.

“You know who it is I am searching for,” she snapped. “Its Jeremy Broderick!”

“Oh,” Allan said still smiling. “He was discharged this morning. He recovered quickly and his memory is back. Isn’t that a relief?”

He knew what he was doing. He was deliberately irritating her with his calm words and smile. He was having his way, she was already filled with anger, she was so mad at this d–n doctor! She so much wanted to smack that smile off his face. “What do you mean discharged? How is it possible he got his memory back so fast?” she rhetorically asked. “Maybe I should call a more qualified doctor to handle his case since you’ve proven that you’re incapable of handling it.” She was going to get back at him.

“Do you mind following me to my office to see for yourself the file that shows his recovery? He confided in me that he remembers everything.”

Jeremy. Jeremy. She didn’t know what to feel for him anymore – love or hate. “Why wasn’t I informed?”

“I’m sorry? Are you one of his relatives? Friends?”

“Idiot!” she spat at him, “I am his wife-to-be! Show some respect!” Yes, she deserved respect, respect from Jeremy’s so-called doctor.

Allan tried gulping down his laughter. He used his right palm to cover his mouth and her chuckled silently. He withheld himself strongly. This b—h was amusing, she’s really crazy, parading herself as the fiancee of his good friend. Now he understood why Jeremy was tired of her. “If you’re truly his fiancee, you should have been the first to know.” His palm was out of his mouth.

Tricia rolled her eyes, “He’ll definitely call me later.”

“I understand his girlfriend to be Purity Theodore. The woman of his dreams,” Allan never stopped smiling innocently. “She’s his only wife-to-be.”

Tricia was goaded to the point that she flung her right hand to give the doctor a slap.

Allan was fast enough, he caught her hand right before it got to his face. “I don’t take it easy with women who hit me. Neither am I good friends with women who pry into people’s lives. You don’t want to be my enemy.” Allan’s gaze was murderous, that smile had slowly turned into a frown.

“Let me go!” Tricia ordered, almost on top of her voice. She wasn’t going to be intimidated and insulted by this jerk of a doctor. She had to deal with him. She tried to get her hand from his grasp, but it wasn’t working. His grip was deadly. “Let go!”

“I understand she was recently kidnapped by you and a brat. I’m watching you. Purity’s watching you too. You won’t get away. Especially you.” He dropped her hand and walked out on her. Smiling to himself for putting fear into her. It was a good job. They’d be so proud of him.

Tricia stiffened, watching the doctor leave her alone. Blood drained from her body. She was indecisive at that moment. Terrified and much more confused.

Episode Seventy Seven.

“What are you going to do to me?” Purity asked with a shaking voice.

“Nothing, yet my love,” Ernest replied. “You have a very smooth skin despite the fact that you’ve been here for days.”

“Days?” Purity repeated. He had drugged her, but how could she be unconscious for days. Did he keep drugging me? “What did you give to me?”

“Something strong, my love,” he couldn’t take his hands off her smooth skin. It was so alluring, he loved it. His desire intensified, but he was able to keep it in check. He’d patiently wait till she was ready. That was how much she loved her.

His touch was beginning to upset her. It was so irritating as his kiss. She never wanted him to even lay a finger on her, still he was doing more than that. “Get your filthy hand off me! Do not touch me!”

“Sweetie,” Ernest called calmly, “Don’t raise your voice. Jeremy might hear you,” he taunted, receiving dagger looks from Purity.

“And he’s gonna come. He’ll rescue me. You’ll go to jail!”

He laughed out loudly to her amazement. “That’s never going to happen. Jeremy Broderick, lost his memory and doesn’t even remember you. I’m sure Tricia Cayson is by his side, taking your place, filling his heart with love and good cheer.”

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Those words stabbed her heart. It pierced into her soul. Jeremy, lost his memory? How could that have happened? No, it was another of his lies. It wasn’t true. “You are not going to scare me with your lies. It won’t have any effect of me.”

“It will soon. Your Jeremy has another woman by his side. Please forget about him, you’ll just cause yourself more harm because he has already forgotten all about you. You don’t exist to him.”

Purity refused to believe him. “Its not true. No matter how convincing you sound, I’ll never believe you. I’m not scared of you, I’m not scared of anything!”

“We shall see,” Ernest turned his back on her and began walking out of the room. His footprints ere left behind on the the dust found everywhere in the room.

Purity called after him, “We’ll definitely see! I’m not scared of you or anyone!”

He stopped. “But you are scared of loving anyone. You haven’t fully given your heart to him. I still have a chance.”

Before she could open her mouth, he disappeared from the room. She could hear his footsteps echoing. He left her to ponder over his last remarks. What he meant, it took a while for her to get to it. He was right, though. No matter how she wished he was wrong, he remained right.

She’d been afraid of ever loving anyone because of the way she’d known the opposite sex from her childhood. It was different this time. Jeremy was different from all the men she had met. Yet, she was not sure if she should love him or not. She was still afraid to love him or not. She was still afraid to love. On several occasions, she’d told him she cares about him and by her actions, she indicated feelings for him. Could it be love? Was he going to love her forever? Being hurt badly was what she could not bear to pass through. She doubted she’d ever survive the pains.

Tears streaked down her cheeks as she thought of Jeremy. He was probably hospitalized. His memory was gone? She suspected it had something to do with Ernest. Jeremy was ill because of her. She recalled the pains she put him through and that even made her weep more. “I’m sorry, Jeremy,” she whispered, in between tears.

She raised her face and for the first time, she got a clearer view of her environment and surroundings. Dust law over every surface like dirty snow, pristine dust layer. There was not a footprint anywhere except the ones left behind by Ernest. Dust bunnies, the size of bowling balls tumbled across the floor boards, towards unseen settles. Free papers piled up to the letter box and cascaded all the way to the foot of the rough wooden stairs. Old bed cups lay on a coffee table thickly entrusted with dried up mould. Dust covered mirrors. Smell of mildew, stale air filled the entire room. Air thick with dust, shafts of light bursting through gaps in the boarded up window. Light steaming through the gaps in the heavy velvet curtains. There was absolute silence, not even the hum of a refrigerator. She couldn’t even make a sound.

The only occupants in the house waved their webs between the spindles of the stair banisters and from the ceiling to the wall, she was now one of the occupants. Old cobwebs billowed in the draft.

She was certainly in an abandoned house. The entire room was scary and got her terrified. A shiver ran down her spine.

Episode Seventy Eight.

“Ernest really is a devil. He hates me,” she resumed crying. “Oh God. Someone should please save me. I feel so helpless and empty. God, please keep Jeremy safe for me. I need your help more than ever,” she shut her eyes and poured her her to God fervently with quivering lips.
“Sir, someone’s here to see you,” a young maid of about twenty interrupted the gentle men.

Jeremy’s head tilted towards he direction of the maid. “Let him in.”

“Its a woman, sir,” the maid replied, bowing.

Darren and Jeremy exchanged quick glanced. Through their facial expressions, they already knew who it was.

“Quick, Darren hide,” Jeremy said to the detective.

“What are you about to do?” Darren shot at him.

“Just hide, quickly,” he repeated.

Darren reluctantly obeyed and went into Jeremy’s room.

“Go get her, Rosa.”

The maid nodded and briskly walked to get the unexpected visitor.

Jeremy hurriedly composed himself. He smiled to himself as an evil idea ran across his mind.

“Jeremy Broderick!” Tricia exclaimed on seeing Jeremy seated on a sofa. She was so mad at him, especially after being embarrassed by the doctor. She had sworn he’d pay for what he did.

Jeremy’s head shot up as he heard his name from his guest. He took a deep breath, getting ready to start his evil plan. He got up and turned to face her. A smile touched the corners of his mouth. “Tricia, what a pleasant surprise, please come and sit,” he gestured.

She ran a hand through her hair. Why is he being so nice to me? she thought to herself. “Why did you do what you did? Why did you not inform me that you’ve been discharged?”

“Please, take it easy. I was going to call you but I lost my cell. I haven’t got the time to get a new one,” he truthfully explained, with a tone of sincerity.

His reply came as a surprise to her. She had expected him to shout back at her and even throw her out. But he acted differently. She regretted shouting at him. “Um, and your memory? You know everything,” she accused, in a rather, calm manner.

“Come and sit,” he took her by the hand and led her to a couch. He watched as she settled in. When she was done, she turned to face with with curious eyes. He knew he had to explain things further. “Are you really here to fight about that? You should be happy I am okay.”

Tricia sighed deeply, “I am glad you are alright. I know it must have been terrible at the hospital.”

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“Yes,” Jeremy replied, nodding. “It was bad.”

“I’m sorry I yelled at you when I came. I wasn’t happy you hid the fact that you are now home from me,” she wholeheartedly apologised.

“You don’t have to apologise,” he whispered into her ears. “Its understandable.”

Tricia was utterly taken aback by Jeremy’s nice words. It ws soothing as well as comforting. His face drawn to her’s and feeling his breath on her ear caused her to tingle with emotions. Jeremy was being nice to her, she fought back the urge to scream with joy. He was gradually getting back to her. “But she still occupies your mind,” she jealously admitted.

“Are you referring to Purity?” he asked.

“Who else? She’s the only one you think about. You never even spare a moment for me,” she sighed sadly.

“Its exactly what I’m doing now. Making time for you,” he said desperately.

She scoffed. “I’m not buying that. What happened to ‘she has my heart, I love her so much, she’s my choice,’ huh?”

He looked remorseful. He hung his head, “Yes, you are right. I’m sorry, I don’t even deserve to look at your face.”

“No, I didn’t mean it like that. Its just that a day ago, you wanted me out of your life. I’m curious, what made you change your mind, if you’ve really changed it?”

Jeremy grasped her hand tightly, “She hasn’t come for me. I waited and waited. I don’t want to, I think I’m starting to give up on her. Just be with me for now. If she doesn’t appear, I’ll have to be with you.”

Not a bad idea, she thought. “I’ll just be your Purity. Let me into your heart,” she purred.

“I’m sorry for the way I have treated you. I don’t really deserve the kindness you’re showing to me,” he sent her a contrite look.

She grinned. Her heart was pounding, she was simply excited. “Its good to hear you talk to me that way once again. I’ve dreamt and waited for this moment, its finally here. It was worth the wait,” she concluded and threw herself into his arms. “I love you, Jeremy.”

He only chuckled.

Episode Seventy Nine.

“The doctor, the doctor,” Tricia kept pacing in her bedroom repeating those two words – the doctor. She could not easily forget the conversation she had with him earlier that day. His voice kept echoing in her head – ‘I’m watching you. Purity’s watching you too. You won’t get away.’ Whatever does he mean by that? The thought of that made her shudder.

That doctor was with Jeremy. They’re close friends. If the doctor was aware, Jeremy must be aware too. Jeremy, was he playing with her emotions? She didn’t know what to think anymore. Getting the doctor out of her way was more important. Jeremy comes later, she just had to enjoy the attention he decided to show her. She smiled at the thought of that.

She laid on her bed and closed her eyes, reminiscising the time she spent with Jeremy – in his arms. A pleasant smile touched her face. The only man that had found a way into her heart and have refused to leave. The only man she has ever loved and will only love. Jeremy meant the whole world to her. She was ready to do anything just to get him and to keep him to herself. She wasn’t going to spare any who would come between them.

Her cellphone buzzed, jolting her out of her deep thinking. She sat up with a jerk. It was Ernest calling.

“How’d it go?” he asked over the phone.

She rubbed her head hard. “We have a problem.”

“State it,” he replied hastily.

“The doctor. Doctor Allan, he got to know that she was kidnapped. He warned me, especially with his eyes. He’s dangerous.”

“Dammit! How did he get to know?”

“How am I supposed to know?” she retorted.

There was silence for a few seconds.

“It’s Jeremy,” he breathed out.

She tried laughing it off. “You must be joking. It can’t be my baby. It just can’t be.”

“I have to disagree with you.”

“Its not true.”

“Lets meet up and talk about this. You know where.” He hung up.

“It can’t be true,” she kept muttering as the phone fell from her hand.
Purity reluctantly opened her eyes, only to be greeted by darkness. She couldn’t see a thing, nor fathom what was around her. She’d always been scared of the dark and this was a frightening experience for her. Her heartbeat was faster than normal. She saw shadows moving here and there. One seemed to be coming close to her, but when it reached her, it vanished into thin air. She heard creepy sounds. It was all weird and terrifying. She was too scared to even scream. Tears only ran down from her eyes.

The wind began blowing violently. She heard the faint whispers of the grasses outside the room. A window creaked open in response to the breeze. Moments later, that same window was jammed against the shutters. The loud sound caught her attention. She shivered and tightly closed her eyes.

A calm set in. The weird sounds were no more heard. The breeze stilled and the window did not make any more noise. The calmness was beginning to get to her. She was feeling calm and tried to force herself back to sleep. She was aching all over and her stomach rumbled. It reminded her that she had not eaten in days. The pain kept her awake. Her eyes were shut, but sleep went farther and farther away from her. She silently begged sleep to come. She needed it to remain sane.

All of a sudden, the wind rushed over that area which sent the window creaking and jamming against shutters. She could hear the curtains billowing in the breeze. The sounds pierced her ears that she began to weep bitterly. She was afraid. She wished to become unconscious than to have such unpleasant feelings. She tightly shut her eyes.
“What did you say, Allan?” Jeremy questioned after emptying his glass of white wine. He wasn’t sure he had heard right.

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Allan rolled his eyes. He was certain that Jeremy heard all the words he had spoken. He just wanted him to repeat it. It was his way of being certain that he heard what he had said. “This place is filthy. I want us out of it.”

Jeremy had heard him right. He had a special reason bringing them to that bar. He wasn’t going to reveal it to anyone yet. His plan must first be achieved. “What’s going on here that you haven’t seen before? And besides, we’re gonna be here for only a few minutes. Lets just focus on what we’re here for.”

“I support Allan,” Darren informed them. “We have to get to another place, an eatery to discuss this,” he proposed.

“We can as well got to Jeremy’s home,” Allan suggested too.

Jeremy shot him a warning look. “Have you forgotten my day’s in there?”

Episode Eighty.

Allan lifted his hands up – a sign of surrender.

“We have to remain here,” Jeremy insisted.

“Why don’t you give us the d–n reasons. Then we’ll decide whether to stay or not.” Darren propounded, seriously.

“I agree with him,” Allan seconded.

Jeremy sighed. These men, he thought. “As you all know, the man who took Purity Theodore-”

“Not took,” Darren interrupted. “He’s only as a suspect. We don’t have any vivid evidence nailing him to the crime,” he corrected Jeremy.

“Whatever you say,” Jeremy blurted out. “He always drinks and likes to party. I want us to keep an eye on him. I’ve got no way of tracking him down, this is only what I have in mind.”

“Can we discuss this elsewhere?” Allan asked. He wasn’t comfortable at all in such a place. And as a doctor, it wasn’t good for his health and he’d never recommend a patient to such a place.

“Dang!” Jeremy exclaimed. “Just forget about what’s happening. Concentrate, remain focused and listen to all that I have to say.” Jeremy was not going to agree to leave that bar, that was were he was going to have that discussion and nothing was going to change that. Period!

“Alright, alright.” Allan resigned, reluctantly.

“We’re gonna follow him. If he shows up, we’ll monitor his every move. He has to lead us to Purity. I don’t really care about any evidence, I just want her, safe and sound. I know what Ernest can do.”

“He suspects Tricia Cayson too,” Darren informed Allan.

“Tricia?” Allan questioned. “Oh, yeah. I saw her at the hospital today and we had a really nice conversation.”

“What did you talk about?” Darren was curious to know. The Tricia had showed up unannounced at the Broderick’s mansion and Jeremy carried out a dirty game on her.

Allan tilted his head to a different position in order to give his friends the full details of his encounter with Darren at the hospital. Then, his eyes caught a familiar female figure. She was with a man whom he was sure he had seen somewhere, but he couldn’t clearly recall. “Holy cow,” he drew the attention of his buddies. “You need to see this.”

Jeremy and Darren turned to the direction of Allan’s gaze. They saw what Allan was seeing. Darren recognized the woman, but the man, he had never seen in his life. He had to be sure. He had to confirm. “Who are they?”

“Ernest and Tricia,” Jeremy answered before Allan could. At that moment, he was much more convinced that Ernest and Tricia were accomplices. They both kidnapped his beloved – Purity.

When all three noticed that Ernest and Tricia pointed at their direction without seeing them, they turned their gazed simultaneously and lowered their face caps; hiding their faces from the couple. Good thing that they had it on. It was Jeremy’s idea. Tricia and Ernest walked past the three friends without even noticing them. The friends were glad that they were invisible to them.

Jeremy had mentioned to him the reason he suspects Tricia. Seeing her with the cousin and main suspect, he knew she had something to do with whatever happened to Jeremy’s fiancee. He had to help his friend. There was something really familiar about this Ernest. That intrigued him and he wasn’t willing to share that information yet.

“Jeremy, you are right. What do we do now?” Allan asked.

“Keep your voice down,” Darren cautioned. “Quick, tell us all you know. I have an idea.”
“The doctor’s eyes are on us,” Tricia said, as she settled down on the chair she was offered. She was really in a haste to solve the problem with the doctor.

That really upset Ernest. It was all her fault. If she hadn’t felt she had won and acted in a sassy manner, the doctor wouldn’t have confronted her. She was bringing up her problem. If he had his way, he would stay out and away from her. He had already gotten his Melisa. He whooshed in a breath. “What exactly did he say?”

Tricia straightened up. “He said he’s aware that I…. no, not I, we kidnapped her and he’s watching us. His eye is actually on me.”

He grunted. “If you’ve not been flaunting the fact that you’d be his next fiancee, this wouldn’t have happened!”

She shot him a warning look. “It my right! We were dating before her left me for that wench. I am no cause of this. Its all her fault. She’s going to pay, she-”

“Enough!” Ernest interrupted her abruptly. “It isn’t her fault men are after her and chose her over you. You are to blame. You don’t have him yet but you act like you do. Leave Melisa out of this!”

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