Anglican Church RCCG plan global partnership – Adeboye

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The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) and the Anglican Church are working on a programme to ‎win souls, Enoch Adeboye, General Overseer of RCCG, has revealed.

He said this at the Special Holy Ghost Service of the church for children, teens and young adults early Saturday morning at the Redemption Camp.

“RCCG and the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby are planning a programme to intensify evangelism in Europe to bring people to Christ.”

He did not provide details during the service at which a man gave a testimony of how he had used his dress anointed by Mr Adeboye last month to raise his wife from the dead; and an eight-year-old boy stunned the congregation by reciting the whole of Psalm 119 without break. The Psalm of 176 verses is the longest chapter in the Bible.

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Mr Adeboye, who was making the point that the natural sequence is for children to be greater than their parents, recalled that his father was a lay reader of the Anglican Church but he is now working with Mr Welby to win souls.

Shedding more light on the RCCG-Anglican Church partnership, a source in London said last night, “Pastor Adeboye visited the Archbishop in 2015 and has maintained contact. RCCG is one of the Churches that endorsed the Archbishop of Canterbury’s initiative – “Thy Kingdom Come.”

According to reports of the visit, Mr Welby personally received Mr Adeboye and his delegation, which included Agu Irukwu, the Chief Overseer of the RCCG in the UK, to Lambeth Palace for a morning of prayer and conversation.

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“They discussed possibilities for further collaboration between the Anglican and RCCG churches and communions, nationally and internationally,” a spokesman for the Archbishop had said.

“During the meeting the Archbishop and Pastor Adeboye led prayers for Christian unity and revival. Afterwards the Archbishop and the Pastor spent time in private discussion and prayer.

The year before, Mr Welby was invited to address 40,000 people at the RCCG’s Festival of Light in London, where he called for Christians of different denominations to be reconciled in Christ and to be reconcilers in their communities and nations.

RCCG is a member of an initiative of the Archbishop, “Thy Kingdom Come.” It started in 2016, when Mr Welby and an archbishop, John Sentamu, invited every parish in the Church of England to pray for people to come to know the love of Jesus Christ. Over a hundred thousand people took part.

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By the following year, every diocese in the Church of England was involved. But it didn’t stop there. Christians in more than 85 countries – from over 50 denominations and traditions – joined in, whether it was hosting a prayer event, attending a gathering, or sharing the message online.

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