Corruption Cum Recession _By Izunna Okafor

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Unprecedented and unannounced
The sound out-hauls the band
Beat of corruption much allowed
Now in dual they posses the land

Who should the finger now highlight
The finger itself is bent and bet
White in the day but black at night
The unlucky hens now incur the rent

Hope appears to be a mirage
The eyes of lake that much discharge
Who then can we behold
The more we shout the bold it grows

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Prices are at high liaising with the sky
Suffering and cross but cozy for them
They think of vintage and never to die
Believing that good thirst will ever be firm

Will the villain ever remain on top
And for how long will the poor ever remain a rung
The druse and lump are yet to slump
And the bliss of men is yet a song

How much more the afloating suppression
The tongue yet bridled
And the voices silenced with cohesion
When would impartiality be rekindled

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The country is at quake
But the top is never at stake
Always rewarded for nothing but hooting
And never remanded for logging and looting

The world is round
And the earth is ground
What will the generation say
And who will the repercussion spare

Corruption Or recession
In whom can we locate solution
To safeguard our dear generation

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