EASTER POEM: TETELESTEI (It is finished) by Alexander Obimma

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From the beginning,
Man lost his glory.
From a standard, he fell
Oh!the end of
We seeds of the ancient man,
Full of his faulty traits.
Ages past,darkness prevailed
And we trampled upon each other.
Love expelled, hatred embraced.
We killed, we coveted,we cheated,we slandered
Yes!darkness prevailed the millennia
Lambs and bullocks slain for atonements
But beastly blood was not enough.
Superior blood for our debts
Has to be shed!

See us,prisoners of wants
Slaves of strange desires,
A savour,we need.
He came to us and we rejected him
Spread out his arms for embrace
And we disgraced him.
But he ignored our faults
With meek loving heart.

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“The only thing necessary for evil to triumph
Is for the good men to do nothing”.
Here’s come,the good one
To salvage man.
Yes!to salvage man,he becomes man
With same flesh and desires.
He showed us the way we lost
And helped us in our weaknesses.
Tears rolled down his cheeks
As his time drew nigh.
But with strength of a resolved spirit,
He said “.. but thy will be done not mine”.

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Quietly but with excruciating pains,
Yet steadily, he trod the streets of Jerusalem
To the alter in Golgotha
With laden of death cross on his shoulder.
The wrath of God was on him.
His love mingled with his grief,
He bore the cross at all cost
Weighing the faults of all men.
To pay the age long debt and future bills,
Like a lamb
He embraced the stake alter
The priest and lamb both he was.
Then he gave all his all.
When the mighty work was due
He said,’Tetelestei’:
‘It is finished’.
Paid in full!
Man and God reconciled.

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The grave received him
But could not hold any longer.
He rose,then his light shone upon all.
He died,but he lives

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