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Father slaughters man who moved into little girl’s room in the night (photographs)

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A multi year elderly person landed at Huay Yot, Trang, police headquarters, Thailand, on Sunday, to state that he had quite recently killed a man with a shotgun in self preservation.


Father murders man

Nat had then disposed of the firearm by the street while in transit to the station. The firearm was later recovered and inspected.

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Police discovered multi year old Apichai Cheuanut dead in Nat’s home. He had kicked the bucket right away and had nine holes from the impact.

Apichai was lying in a pool of blood by an overnight boardinghouse and had purportedly move into the girl’s room by means of the window.

Nat told officers on Sunday that he had been sleeping before the TV with his better half when he heard his little girl shout out.

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He grabbed the firearm lying by the quaint little inn to his girl’s room where he shot the interloper.

He has been accused of murder and weapons offenses.

More photograph underneath;


Father kills man

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