Hon Chris Azubogu, The Real Deal. By Tai Emeka Obasi.

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I sincerely do believe that the real reason anyone should struggle for any elective political position is to offer his/her quota towards developing his/her immediate constituency, and, then extend that development beyond his/her zone in the true spirit of improving mankind.

Unfortunately, most public office seekers, particularly Nigerian politicians, have just improving their personal worth as the sole purpose of contesting even though they mount various campaign podia with sugar-coated promises to the contrary.

These days the term ‘zoning’ has gained relevance in every department of Nigerian politics, with Anambra politics holding firmly to this good-intentioned-but-often-abused practice.

My little experience says continuity of any laudable process is far more important than zoning just for the sake of rotating positions that most times courier mediocres along to derail or completely jettison such opportunity for solid continuous development.

In Ekwusigo/Nnewi North/Nnewi South Federal constituency, the stage is set for an all-comers rush to win the electorate’s right to serve as their representative in the lower chamber of the National Assembly.

Some of them, if not most, intending aspirants have no visible agenda besides ‘running’ because the incumbent representing the zone, Honourable Chris Azubogu has stayed long enough in the office to give way for another to try. Some even claim there is a zoning arrangement, which to my knowledge is non-existent as a document, that should make the Nnewi-born immensely performing legislator step down from the position.

If indeed anyone of these aspirants truly had quality representation regarding development and general improvement of the constituency in mind, he/she should have rallied round the incumbent for another four-year run. This is because Honourable Azubogu is giving the constituency the best representation any society could dream of.

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Of course, nothing says someone else cannot come in and do as well or even better but it’s all speculation, a gamble that could put the constituency in same boat with other well-known poorly represented constituencies within Anambra State.

I know almost every intending aspirant in this constituency while some are even my friends. Most have asked for my support. But in this terrain called politics, my support, in my little way, is always for the well-being of my society. My own interest in politics is for the wellbeing of my Community, LGA, Constituency, State, Country…in that order.

I have taken time to study what the incumbent has done for his constituency and beyond so far during his very eventful seven years in the Green Chamber and become firmly convinced that it will be political abortion to prematurely truncate the sails of this very humble, down-to-earth but extremely focused lawmaker.

There is no ward of the 42 wards that make up this constituency that has no laudable imprint of a Chris Azubogu Federal-attracted project standing firmly in all the communities. There are some truly quality road projects that people are ignorant of the real executors simply because there are no sign boards bearing, ‘Chris Is Working’.

Most of his projects are perceived as state government projects by the vulnerable masses who cannot differenciate between a federal, state or even local government initiative. Somebody should please tell Honourable Azubogu to tag all his projects that his people can easily identify.

Yes, the incumbent has delivered very creditability in whatever parameter employed to rate him. His human capital development in forms of solid youth and women empowerments, road infrastructure, education enhancement, commerce and trade interventions, water schemes, etc are truly very verifiable landmarks he has rooted.

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However, what impressed me most is his Nnewi Industrial Park project. After studying the benefits of this very visionary initiative, learning the long and very tedious process Hon Azubogu went through to get the project at its final stage of realisation, it became more than enough for me to wholeheartedly endorse him, if only to make certain no neophyte comes in to selfishly or ignorantly kill this giant step.

For those who may not know, the Nkwo Nnewi market has played a very significant role in the wellbeing of people from the constituency and even beyond. The big market is a very huge provider of wealth, social and human development. Most people from here are adventurous merchants.

Many that would have ventured into Boko Haram and Herdsmen territories are safely doing lucrative businesses at home with their families safe and sound. Many that have been displaced in insurgent-induced crisis in their soujourning areas outside the state quickly scampered home to the succour of the wealth provider called Nkwo Nnewi.

With a N15 billion industrial park berthing in same Nnewi, the unassuming lawmaker has effectively enhanced this advantage, which of course, would also aide rapid developments within the constituency and other parts of the state. Think about the employment capacity!

In coming days, I will take you through the journey of what this Industrial Park is all about and how Honourable Azubogu brought it home.

I don’t want to delve into the other matter of the politics and intrigues of legislation, where any lawmaker’s relevance in the chamber is measured by seniority and capacity. In subsequent write-ups I will detail this delicate matter which ndi Igbo, particularly ndi Anambra, misplace and lose out via politics of miscalculation and ‘it’s my turn’ syndrome.

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While politically matured zones craftily prolong the length of tenures for their achieving and well-positioned members in the National Assembly, we rather blindly cut ours short. And then start shouting about marginalisation when indeed we’re our own victims. Presently Hon Azubogu is the vice chairman of House Committee on Appropriation. Think of the further benefits that will come the way of the constituency if he becomes the chairman!

While he campaigned over seven years ago, he promised to make a difference. Seven years after getting the opportunity, the difference is indeed very clear.

Any aspirant that has genuine interest, which should be to better and develop the constituency should patiently wait for another four years. I believe God will keep us all alive. Improve your CV and be consistent in whatever is your endeavour.

Once you show genuine intent and capacity to effectively take over I will equally support you then without your even contacting me to do so. I am sorry for the intending aspirants who already sought for my support. Please, it’s not personal. Ditch your ambition for this goal getter. He more than deserves another four years.

Let’s send back Honourable Chris Azubogu.


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