My husband is a womanizer and it hurts me badly, what should I do?

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Please what do I do? Should I leave him because I’m going crazy for his actions?

My husband is a womanizer and I feel so pained in my heart anytime he goes for other women.

Please what do I do, should I leave him because I’m going crazy for his actions?

Please help me.

Dear reader,

I think before considering an exit plan, you should first consider why he does what he does.

His actions are unjustifiable, I’ll admit that. Having extra marital affairs is largely inexcusable.

At the same time, it is not enough to point fingers every time something goes wrong. It requires some introspection, too, so you could assess the situation and see if there’s something you could have done better.

Is there a possibility that your actions have made it easy/inevitable for him to step out of his commitment to you? How’s the sex? Are you keeping your end of the bargain to love, hold, cherish and other things you promised each other while taking marriage oath?

Unfaithfulness is not incurable. While most relationships crash due to repeated cheating and an unwillingness to of one partner to give up their philandering ways, some move from the mess created by cheating to better things.

The only time you should not think twice before dumping someone is in the case of domestic violence. So in this case, if you think think there’s still an option to explore to restore your marriage and peace of mind, then explore it.

If, however, you have done all you can, and tried all you can to make things work and he’s yet to get his act right, then maybe leaving him is the last resort.

Divorce should be your last option though, not the first or mid-point of your quest for peace of mind.

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