Photos of Top 5 ordinary Kenyans who gained fame in 2018

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Photos of Top 5 ordinary Kenyans who gained fame in 2018: Fame takes time. However, there are certain Kenyans who gained it within a day. From being an ordinary Kenyan to being a national figure, here are five Kenyans who hit headline for various reasons:
Photos of Top 5 ordinary Kenyans who gained fame in 2018 Photos

1. JowieJoseph Irungu [Source: milimo Twitter]

Joseph Irungu alias Jowie was Citizen TV anchor Jacque Maribe’s fiancé. However, he gained fame after he was allegedly accused of the brutal murder of the Kilimani lady Monica Kimani. Jowie became a public figure during this case. 

2. Mary Njambi – Nairobi MCAMary Njambi [Source: milimo Twitter]

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Nairobi MCA Mary Njambi came into the limelight after her kriminoo utterance went viral during Nairobi Speaker Beatrice Elachi ouster. A song was even released dabbed Kriminoo.

3. Mzungu mlunjePearl Lwoyelo [Source: milimo Twitter]

Pearl Lwoyelo gained fame after her video went viral speaking in Kiswahili with a luhya accent. The Kakamega born can also speak fluent luhya like any other normal luhya. She was invited at Churchill Show where she shed more light into who she is. 

4. Tanasha DonnaTanasha Donna [Source: milimo Twitter]

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Tanasha Donna’s name is being mentioned among celebrities after her relationship with Bongo start Diamond Platinumz went rival. Her fame rose from an ordinary lady to one of the most googled in the entertainment industry. Dating a super-star like Diamond is obviously a dream come true.

5. Sharon Otieno, Monica Kimani and Barbra WangechiThe late Barbra Wangechi [Source: milimo Twitter]

The three gained fame in their death. It was not until their deaths that people came to know of their existence. Sharon was a student at Rongo University. Monica was a business lady. She was also murdered and her body found in her house. Barbra died in a fatal plane crash that claimed the lives of all those on board.

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