Reverend Mbaka and 2019: The Hallelujah of Political Religion

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By Goodluck Chiemelie Okechukwu

Pigeons became a medium, an interlocutor of God, vested with the powers to determine the fate of an entire nation- some flew while some didn’t- and then Buhari was endorsed and anointed the Messiah to ressurect the moribund country.

While we might not entirely suggest a radical separation of religion from politics, we must apply caution to the tyranny such combination could produce. Nigerians are good religious followers, forget that the man who preached on Sunday will cuss out a driver on his way home, Nigerians go to religious centers and for hours while the service/mass lasts, they remain holy. The word of their religious heads are sacrosanct and ex-cathedra.

So we watched as the votes from Enugu state hits almost an all time low. States situated within the same region fond of infecting themselves with any culturally bounded ideology, the votes from the whole South Eastern states went very low.

A very close observation exposed that the pigeon parade at best subjected people to indifference and apathy. Perhaps, people guided by the last shard of reason remaining in them or teetered by the stereotypical bias, refrained from voting. While the display of the pigeons and the backing words of the high priest encouraged that Jonathan be voted out, the religious subjects neither found Buhari an attractive option. So these men and women, they wash clothes on election morning and stroll to beer parlours by evening as their recently acquired PVC’s gathered cobwebs in neglect.

Now it is just one year to a new election and we found ourselves in a state worse than we were before pigeons flew over our heads, plucking our brains while shitting a candidate into our heads. I do not want to be worried about the sudden silence of the parties that staged the show because no good man really grapples with the substance of a fellow man’s vocation.

Vocation. More like business, what these religious bodies seems to now be. Unfortunately we cannot gag the mouths of their high lords and as a new election is fast wading into us, we are drowned in a Nile of prophesies describing who and what new leader God wants for Nigeria. Now every Sunday, God reveals to a certain ‘His Highness Of the Most High’ at Ogun, Abuja, Enugu or Warri who will win and whom Nigerians must vote in order to save the nation.

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Buhari ascended and declared he belonged to everybody and then to nobody. He did not belong to Enugu State which belonged to the 5%, and then the Fulani Herdsmen unleashed gory massacre in Nimbo. The souls harvested by the whim of herdsmen-wielded machetes and guns from their fertile body now ferments in the pit of Nigerian’s terrifying silence and heart tearing short memory.

When this people started from Enugu, one would wonder if the bloodbath was a cleansing ritual required by God before the country would be saved. Time moved on, we went into recession, blames were shared, the saviour was saved by London hospitals, Southern Kaduna arose, loots found in empty houses and later swallowed by snakes while Ebuka-rous rats ruined the triumphant entry of the returned saviour as he was evicted from office by these rodents.

You see, with Pigeons, Rats, Hyena and Jackals, gluttonous snakes digesting thirty six million, coming to headlines, it was obvious the redemption of the nation was far fetched. What wasn’t clear was how and why the entire country picks offence when a certain Nnamdi Kanu, whom his prideful approach of insults I detest, accurately called this territory a zoo. The pigeons flew and flung the gate wide open, ever since then, animals became the rulers of men’s destiny in this corner of the world.

Personally I have no issues with Reverend Mbaka as he merchants solace to souls who seeks respite in Christ Jesus. Such spiritual state of illusory serenity is badly needed in a country where good roads, security, electricity and co are mere dreams sought to realization in the Europe or America. A proper understanding of the foregoing statements will reveal that this is not ad hominen on the man but a deconstruction of what his politically charged display sequel to last election stands for today. Furthermore, scared of the lions that appeared from a nearby bush and deavoured kids who called Elisha bald, I carefully address his deed and not his personality. Many of these religious high lords and ther followers, especially the demented loyals, in absence of substantial logic or solid wisdom for healthy arguments rain down abuse and curses on you.

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Many things are clear, but one is strikingly vivid: Mbaka’s prophecy if not false or flawed, is at worst not a prophecy at all but just what it is- A Citizen’s Opinion. Most of the anointed man’s followers would want to excuse him or rationalize what happened and what the alleged Messiah is currently doing but they end up spewing a mature rubbish and utter nonsense. And as for Mbaka and all other religious chiefs, it is better they concentrate on shepherding the flock of Christ than messing things up with their poor witted incursion into politics. They are citizens, and if they want to comment on affairs or make their opinions, they should clearly state it is not a prophesy from the ominipotent God.

Mbaka’s silence is loud but might mean many things; regret, repentance or arrogance. But many people would implore us to desist from addressing religious ‘Men of God’ but they forget two things. First, they too who talk, can tomorrow be ‘men of God’ provided they find a good tailor to sew them a nice apparel and retain such air and mental capability for quoting scriptural citations by heart. Secondly, how can the religious Lords not be addressed when the religious lords continue to vomit confusion exciting materials on already confused masses?

Nigerians, both Christians and Muslims agrees ‘na only God go save this country’ and they return to entertainment channels on their television. Forget that these two Abrahamic religions coexisting in the same country believes that the followers of the other are infidels and condemned to eternal damnation in their own different versions of hell, as their Gods will have it. But they pray that this same unagreeing and contrapuntal Gods bless the same place that their infidels live!

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Na only God go save this country, I agree. But I do not know if it is Jehovah or Allah will rescue the country. Nigeria was created by Britain through Lord Lugard and not by God through your Daddy GO. Na only God go save this nation, I agree again, but only when Godly men who understands civic obligations and responsibilities pick up their PVC’s and perform a reason-guided voting.

As for Reverend Mbaka, with all due respect, we must not excuse him, especially those whom their electoral attitude was influenced by his demonstrations the last time but stands to be dissapointed by the current happenings. We cannot excuse him because you do not give a man petrol and match sticks pointing to a house, and when the man burns down the house you were pointing, you expect absolution from guilt.

It is 2018 and with 2019 comes elections. We can already hear Political Hallelujah chanted over religious houses. With eyes tightly closed, one hand lifted high in the air and the other shovelling microphone to their mouths, they recite a prophesy and endorse a candidate. Some conspiracy theorists will add that by Monday, a Credit Alert discharge their phone battery life with a report of a weighty deposit. I only suggest that once we leave the religious houses, we open those eyes and look at Benue State and read our newspapers.

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