RUNS GIRLS…Episode 13, 14, & 15

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Episode 13

“Your roommate is jealous of you,” the spiritualist revealed as soon as I entered the temple. “And not only that, she also wants you dead.”

“Why? How?” I asked looking terrified.

The man took his bell and rang it intermittently as he spun round and round.

His overflowing white robe spun along with him as his dreadlocks spluttered about.

“She doesn’t want you to outshine her,” the spiritualist replied after his spinning had come to an end. “She knows you’re more beautiful so she had to charm you.”

“You mean my roommate charmed me?”

“Yes she did.”


“She put the charm into your bathing water without your knowledge.” He explained.

I nearly urinated in my pants as the spiritualist divulged these piece of information.

“Please what do I do now?” I asked wiping my brow.

“The only way you can neutralise this charm is to bring the egg of a virgin tortoise.”

“But I don’t know where to get such from,” I pointed out immediately.

“I can get it for you but it would cost you a hundred and fifty thousand naira,” the spiritualist said. “You know the egg of a virgin tortoise is very rare. I will have to travel as far as Benin republic to get it.”

“Ok let me rush and get the money for you as fast as possible,” I said rising from my seat.

The major thing that mattered to me at that point in time was to get the charm neutralised and not even the amount of money involved.

Because if business flowed smoothly, I would recover every single amount I spent in no distant time.

I quickly rushed to the bank and withdrew the money and brought it to the spiritualist who told me that I should go and continue my business that my problem has finally been solved.

I thanked him immensely and left feeling greatly relieved.

“My roommate wanted me dead and I didn’t know,” I thought to myself as I journeyed back to our hostel. “The battle line had been drawn. Let’s now watch and see who would outdo the other in the game…”

Episode 14

My roommate was fast asleep when I got back from the spiritualist’s temple.

Her eyes looked swollen like someone who had been crying before falling asleep.

The loss of her new jeep must have gotten to her but I didn’t feel any pity for her. I was even happy with the situation of things.

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I looked at her from head to toe and shrugged my shoulders.

We haven’t had any open confrontation with each other so I had to maintain my decorum.

I took some water from our drum and went to the bathroom to have my bath.

I was sweating profusely and didn’t want the sweat to dry on my body.

By the time I came out, my roommate was awake and sitting upright on the bed.

“You’re back,” she said looking up at me.

“My dear, I’m back o,” I replied staring back at her. “What is the police saying about your stolen jeep?”

“They said they haven’t seen any trace of it,” she replied. “I wonder if they will ever find it. You know our police and their lapses.”

“My dear don’t worry, they will find it,” I said pretending like I care.

“I really hope they do,” she murmured.

I dried my body with my hand towel and wore a light cotton gown with nothing underneath.

Then I logged onto my facebook account.

It had been long I last visited facebook and I knew I would have accumulated lots of messages.

I was right.

There were lots of messages in my inbox some of which were relevant with others which were quite irrelevant.

Among the relevant ones were some which were outdated and some which were recent.

There was this particular one sent an hour ago from one Valentino hotel about a guy that just arrived from the United States of America and needed company.

The message specified that the guy had gone through the pics of all the beautiful girls in the hotel’s database and selected my pic as his favourite and was willing to pay as much as 500k to have a taste of my pu$$¥.

The deal was mouth watering and I was ready to take a shot at it.

I was convinced that the spiritualist’s powers were at work and my respect for the man grew tremendously.

With my roommate’s charms neutralised, I had no other obstacle blocking my business.

I had spent a hundred and fifty thousand naira at the spiritualist’s temple and was going to make five hundred thousand tonight.

What other evidence do I need to convince me of the spiritualist’s unlimited powers?

I quickly replied the facebook message stating clearly that I was ready for the job and would be at the hotel by 7.00pm on the dot.

“Thank you for responding to our message,” they replied back. “7pm is ok. See ya…”

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Episode 15

I logged out of facebook and went to prepare myself for the job.

I wore one very short mini skirt and a very low top that revealed my cleavage. Then I slipped my feet into my 8inches high-heel shoe.

By 6pm I was ready.

I took a cab to Valentino hotel and arrived around 6.45pm; 15minutes earlier to my stipulated time.

The last thing I wanted to hear was that I came late and someone else snatched the deal from me. So I had to get there early to avoid stories that touch.

The receptionist was a young lady in her early 20s, very beautiful and smart-looking.

I had changed my business name from Cindy to Rosy after that Alhaji experience.

As soon as I got to the receptionist’s desk she looked up and asked:

“Rosy right?”

“Yea Rosy,” I replied.

“I’m Rita, the Chief receptionist,” she said stretching out her right hand.

I wrapped my fingers round her outstretched hand and our palms met in a warm handshake.

“You’re here for Ray, right?”


“Yes Ray, the guy that just arrived from the States,” she explained.

“Yea I’m here for Ray.”

“Join him in room 302,” the receptionist said pointing towards the corridor.

I followed her direction and soon got to room 302. Then I tapped gently on the door.

“Come in,” a polished masculine voice responded from inside. I swung the door open and went in.

A young man barely 30years old sat on a sofa at the right hand corner of the room. He was dark in complexion with a flat nose but nonetheless well groomed. He had this aura of America all over him and I almost fell in love just by looking at him.

“Ray right?” I asked still standing at the door.

“Yea I’m Ray, what about you?”

“I’m Rosy,” I replied.

“Oh the sweet Rosy I’ve been dying all day to meet!” He exclaimed with excitement. He stood up and came closer to me and gave me a warm hug.

“You’re highly welcome dear,” he said. “Hope you didn’t have much trouble locating my room?”

“Not at all,” I replied feeling very relaxed.

Ray was the typical example of the kind of man I wanted in my life. The way he spoke and carried himself endeared him to me and our conversation flowed.

It was true that one of the rules of this our business strictly abhored falling in love with a client but I couldn’t help it.

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This particular client was one in a million; visually enchanting and vocally appealing.

He opened his fridge and brought out Chivita juice and offered to me with a clean glass tumbler. I poured out the Chivita onto the glass tumbler and took a sip. The juice was well chilled and very sweet. I gulped down two glasses in quick succession and quickly refilled my glass for the 3rd gulp.

The 3rd glass was halfway gone when I started noticing some funny drowsy feeling all over my body.

Ray kept silent glancing at me at intervals which I failed to notice initially.

It was then that it dawned on me that the juice was drugged and by that time, it was too late for me to do anything.

“Please can I use your toilet?” I asked politely getting up from my seat.

“Sure you can,” Ray replied pointing at a door located at the other end of the room.

I stood up to go to the toilet but fell back to my seat nearly hitting my head on the wall behind.

“Don’t stress yourself dear let me help you,” Ray offered and gently carried me onto the bed instead of the toilet.

He took of my clothes one after another and I was so weak and drowsy to resist.

“What have you done to me?” I asked breathlessly staring into his eyes.

Ray smiled.

“Relax,” he said pulling off my panties with one clean sweep. “I won’t take long.”

In my intoxicated condition, Ray parted my legs and drove vigorously into my warm pu$$¥.

I was too weak to resist and two drops of tears fell out of my eyes.

Fiki faka fiki faka, he plunged in and out of my pu$$¥ with reckless abandon.

I felt deep pain in my lower abdomen as the head of his thick phallus continuously struck the entrance of my womb.

For more than 30minutes he continued like this without break.

Then gradually the room grew darker and darker before my eyes and before I knew what was happening, I had drifted unto unconsciousness…

To be continued…

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