RUNZ GIRLS… Episode 42_46

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Episode 42

I got to my lodge and locked myself inside my room.

I didn’t want any disturbance from anybody be it a sympathiser or friend.

I had quietly offed the engine of my jeep and tiptoed to my room to avoid drawing the slightest attention. Even the girl in whose room I slept didn’t know I had come back.

I quietly went into my room and locked the door. Then I sat on my bed to think of what to do.

I had enjoyed life and money to the extent that I had lots of flashbacks rolling back and forth in my mind.

Top on my list was the Dubai travel.

It was simply awesome. From abu d’habi this to abu d’habi that, we explored. The names sounded so unfamiliar that I couldn’t remember them. Not to talk of the hotel built in the middle of the ocean where me and senator clifford spent one night. There were lots and lots of goodies on sale and senator clifford really tried for me.

Then the thoughts of stella, my former roommate filtered into my mind. She was probably still in business and I felt cheated.

I felt cheated by nature. I felt cheated by destiny.

My plans of purchasing a piece of land and starting off the foundation of my new building had turned out to be mere figments of my imagination. I shook my head in bitterness.

What was more? My academics.

I hadn’t talked much about my academics because there wasn’t much to talk about. I sorted all my courses at the slightest opportunity and slept with as many lecturers as were willing to give me marks.

I was among the happening babes in campus and sponsored as many female cult groups as I could count.

The first day I drove to school in my new jeep, the whole faculty was thrown into chaos as everybody hailed me at the top of their voice.

I introduced ten babes into the business that very day. Babes who wanted to hammer jeeps the way I hammered.

I shook my head as the vivid images flashed across my mind as though they happened yesterday.

Then the image of Ray, the client of mine I murdered in cold blood, came to my mind and I shuddered with fear.

For the second time I looked round my well furnished room and trembled.

I heard a noise sweep across my room and got up to know what it was but saw nothing. The noise swept across again for the second time and this time behind my back and I turned and saw nothing.

Then a female voice began to laugh inside my room of which I couldn’t still see anybody.

I zoomed out of the room instantly without looking back or thinking twice…

Episode 43

I ran to Mirabel’s room for the second time in two days.

This time, Mirabel was really worked up. Mirabel was the girl in whose room I slept that night.

“What is it again?” She asked staring at me angrily.

“That same ghost,” I replied trembling.

“But you said you will inform me when you get back, you didn’t inform me again,” she complained.

“I’m sorry dear,” I apologised. “Had lots of things in mind and didn’t remember.”

Mirabel stared at me for some seconds before sitting down on her bed. I sat along with her still trembling. She cleared her throat and began.

“Do you mind telling me what exactly is happening?” she asked nodding her head in emphasis. “I mean how exactly did all these come about? I mean when did all these start? I mean how did all these start and who did you say is pursuing you?”

“My dear I don’t know,” I lied in the bid to save face. “It all started that night I ran to your room for no reason in particular.”

“So tell me about it,” Mirabel pressed on.

“I had come back from fellowship,” I lied. “Had my bath and sat on my bed to apply cream on my body but on squeezing the cream unto my palm, I saw blood and at the same time a woman’s voice started laughing at me and I ran to your room immediately.”

Mirabel kept mute after listening to my story.

“You need to see a man of God,” she advised after the short silence. “Let’s go now if you’re ready.”

“Yes I’m ready,” I replied springing to my feet.

We drove to the man of God’s place somewhere around town and luckily for us, the man of God was in his office when we came.

He was a middle aged man in his late forties and wore a dark suit.

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“You’re been pursued by too many spirits,” he revealed pointing at me. “And the whole lot of them are out to kill you.”

I and Mirabel froze with fear as the man of God made his pronouncements.

“Say these prayers alone when you get home,” he directed scribbling some bible verses on a piece of paper. “Say it alone.”

After that he stood up and handed the piece of paper to me.

We stood up and left afterwards but not without first putting our offering in a large bowl on the table. He blessed us and we left.

We got to our lodge and I went to my room to do the prayers. Mirabel went to her own room as well.

I unlocked my door and fearfully went inside.

“Return my five hundred thousand naira or you will never know peace,” an unseen voice declared as soon as I locked the door.

The keys I had in my hands fell off and my legs wobbled. Then my phone began to ring. My phone hadn’t rung for the past two days and I even forgot I had a phone. I glanced at the caller and behold it was senator clifford. I picked the call immediately.

“For the past three days I’ve had this severe each at the tip of my p€nis,” the senator complained as soon as I picked the call. “Why didn’t you inform me that you had veneral disease?”

“Hah senator,” I replied nervously. “I don’t have any veneral disease.”

“Shut up you liar!” The senator barked. “You infected me with gonorrhoea and you still have the audacity to lie to me? We shall see!”

I shook like a leaf as the senator ended the call. My entire world was crashing before my eyes and I didn’t know what to do. The duplex he promised to buy for me he didn’t even talk about it but was rather threatening me for infecting him with gonorrhoea.

With the last strength I had, I picked up my bible and read one of the verses the man of God had written for me.

I couldn’t remember the last time I brought out that bible talkmore of reading it.

I read psalm 121 which began thus:

“I look to the mountains; where will my help come from? My help will come from the lord, who made heaven and earth…”

Episode 44

“He will not let you fall; your protector is always awake. The protector of Israel never dozes or sleeps. The lord will guard you; he is by your side to protect you. The sun will not hurt you during the day, nor the moon during the night. The lord will protect you from all danger; he will keep you safe. He will protect you as you come and go now and forever…”

I fell asleep as soon as I finished reading the psalm and had a terrible dream.

In the dream, my mother was crying profusely over the loss of her daughter. It was reported that the daughter died mysteriously of an illness no one could explain. My mother was rolling on the floor and screaming at the top of her voice.

Then I woke up.

My entire body was covered with sweat and my temperature was high and I had headache as well.

I got up from the bed and went and drank two tablets of paracetamol.

Then I lay back on the bed.

The time was 5 o’clock in the evening and the sun was hurriedly going down.

I didn’t know if there was a link between my dream and my current ill-health till baba’s words flashed across my mind.

“…On no account should any other eye see this soap and for no reason should any other body bath with this soap. If they do, all the diseases that were washed off would return and engulf you…”

The baba’s words were as clear as anything I could think of; most especially, the part that said: “…If they do, all the diseases that were washed off would return and engulf you…”

It was obvious that the increase in temperature and headache I was having weren’t of natural causes but were signs of bigger health maladies to come.

I grabbed my bible and swept to psalm 69 in no time.

“Save me O God!” I read. “The water is upto my neck; I am sinking in deep mud, and there is no solid ground…”

A knock on my door interrupted me in the middle of my prayers.

“Who is that?” I asked sitting up weakly on my bed.

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“Its me Mirabel,” came the reply.

I stood up and went to open the door for her. One look at me and she knew I wasn’t fine.

“What’s the matter this time?” She asked peering into my face.

“I’m falling sick,” I replied. “My body is hot and I’m having headache.”

“Have u taken any medicine?” She asked.

“Yes I took paracetamol,” I replied.

“Ok that’s good. You will get better,” she said. “Just came to check on you.”

“Please stay with me,” I pleaded. “If you leave me here all alone I might die before morning.”

Mirabel stared at me with fear written all over her face.

“Alright no problem,” she replied. “Let me lock my door; will be right back.”

She left to lock her door and few minutes later, I heard a knock on my door.

“Come in,” I responded thinking it was Mirabel.

My door clicked open and a fat woman walked into my room dagger in hand…

Episode 45

I froze with fright as I stared at the fat woman.

Her face was familiar and I easily recognised her. She was the woman calling me to return her 500k – the lesbian woman I slept with.

My entire body shook with fear as she stared ferociously at me.

The dagger in her hand glittered dangerously as it pointed in my direction evoking a sensation of impending murder in my system.

“Return my five hundred thousand or you will never know peace,” she declared pointing the dagger at me.

Then she disappeared.

I screamed so loud at the top of my voice that Mirabel who was still locking her room heard my voice and ran back into my room. Some other neighbours heard my voice as well and rushed in to know what was happening.

“What’s the matter?” They asked looking terrified.

“I just woke up from a terrible nightmare,” I lied looking apologetically at them.

“We even thought someone was attacking you,” one of them said. “Anyway no problem.”

With that they left. Mirabel didn’t leave with them but remained in my room staring at me.

“Did it appear again?” She asked when the others had left.

“Yes it did,” I replied nodding my head and drawing closer to her. “I didn’t know when I screamed so loud.”

“This is serious,” Mirabel commented.

“Very serious,” I concurred.

I got up from my bed and went to the toilet to urinate. Mirabel sat on the bed and waited.

The muffled screams emanating from the toilet sent her hurrying to find out what was wrong.

She pushed the toilet door open and found me squeezing my face in distress.

“What is the matter?” She asked wondering what was wrong with me this time.

“Pain,” I screamed squeezing my face.

“Pain, where?” Mirabel asked gaping at me.

I was sitting pants down on the water cistern with distress all over my face.

“My pu$$¥,” I replied pointing at the hairy m—d between my legs. “My pu$$¥ is on fire.”

Worry-lines drew out on Mirabel’s face as she struggled to articulate what I just told her.

“Hope you haven’t caught std?” She asked looking suspiciously at me.

“From where?” I asked rhetorically like I didn’t know.

I was lucky to have Mirabel around as I went through all that. Not that we had much in common but naturally, I guess Mirabel was a nice and likeable person cos from that night I slept in her room and she got to know about my ordeal, she had been of great assistance to me like a sister.

“You need to see a doctor,” Mirabel advised after a long silence.

“You’re right,” I echoed in reply.

I got up from the toilet and looked at the water in the bowl of the water cistern and noticed that it was bloody. Not only was I having pain in urination but was urinating blood as well. I flushed off the bloody urine immediately as I didn’t want Mirabel to see it. I needed to see a gynecologist but I didn’t know any gynecologist around so I postponed everything till the next day.

The university teaching hospital was quite far from our lodge but my condition needed urgent medical attention or it would lead to something more debilitating.

I came out from the toilet and went and lay back on the bed. Mirabel followed closely behind watching my every step.

My phone rang as I was about to lie down and I glanced at the caller who happened to be the receptionist of Gaby hotel.

“Hello,” I replied on picking.

“Yes, please am I speaking with Rosy?” He asked.

“Yes you are,” I replied still listening.

“Please Chief would be needing your services this night,” he informed. “Will you be available?”

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“I don’t think so,” I replied for the first time in my career. I had never turned down a money-making opportunity since I became a runs girl but I had to turn this one down. There was enormous fire on the mountain and I had to run this time cos someone whose house is on fire doesn’t pursue rat.

“You stand the chance of making as much as four hundred and fifty thousand naira,” the receptionist pressed on. “Please don’t disappoint us.”

“I have another job to attend to this night,” I replied and hung up.

“Which job are you talking about?” Mirabel asked as soon as I dropped the call.

“One networking job like that,” I lied smiling. “Nothing to worry about.”

Later that night, I developed a discomforting itch around my pu$$¥ lips and also noticed rashes along my inner thigh and perineum.

The itching became so serious that as early as 6.00am the next morning, I was seated at the obstetrics and gynecology department of our university teaching hospital waiting for the doctor to arrive…

Episode 46

The doctor arrived around 11.00am that morning.

I had waited for more than four hours before he arrived and walked past us into his office.

Surprisingly, he was a male.

I had expected the department to be an all-women-department but it wasn’t and I felt a little uncomfortable.

Mirabel didn’t come with me to the hospital cos I didn’t want her to know the outcome of my diagnosis even though that wasn’t what I told her. I had told her that she shouldn’t stress herself that I would be fine and she agreed.

I sat patiently and waited for my turn to come. One after the other, the female patients – pregnant and non-pregnant – filed in to see the doctor.

It soon got to my turn and I went in to see the doctor as well.

The consulting room was well arranged and air-conditioned. The doctor sat in such a way that he saw the patients walk in.

“Goodmorning doc,” I greeted.

“Goodmorning,” he replied with a captivating smile. “Please sit down.”

The way the doctor welcomed me calmed my fears and subconsciously endeared me to him.

“So what made you come to see us?” The doctor asked after I was comfortably seated.

“I’m having this severe itch in my private part,” I began and narrated all my symptoms to him as he carefully put them down in my folder. After that he asked me so many other questions in regard to the symptom. Then the part of the physical examination came.

“I would like to see what’s going on down there,” the doctor said motioning me to pull off my clothes from waist down and mount the examination couch.

I felt shy and reluctantly did as the doctor directed. The examination didn’t last more than five minutes and I came down and wore back my clothes.

“You have gonorrhoea and genital warts,” he announced as soon as I sat down after wearing my clothes. “I will write some drugs for you which you are to buy from the pharmacy outside.”

“No problem doctor,” I replied.

The doctor wrote the drugs on a prescription paper and handed it to me.

“Thank you doctor,” I greeted and left.

I bought the drugs on my way out and headed back to my lodge.

“What did the doctor say?” Mirabel asked when she came to check on me later in the evening.

“He said that I have infection,” I replied.

“What type of infection?” She asked narrowing her gaze.

“Toilet infection.”

“Ok no problem,” she said. “Did he give you any drug?”

“Yes he did o, they are in those polythene over there.”

“Ok nice,” she commented. “Make sure you take them at the right time.”

“I will,” I promised. “Thanks for your care and concern.”

“You’re welcome.”

With that she went back to her room.

I took the doctor’s drugs consistently as the doctor prescribed but there was no improvement.

Instead the symptoms increased and the itch grew worse. I also developed foul smelling sores around my genitals as I scratched to no avail.

So I decided to see the doctor again…

Watch out for the final episode…

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