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This dating app uses DNA to help find your true love

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This dating app uses DNA to help find your true love:

This dating app uses DNA to help find your true love: When you tend to use those dating apps? What do you look for? Maybe someone who has a great sense of humour? Or someone with a pleasing smile? Well, you will be surprised to know that a dating app can help you find your perfect match by using your DNA. You must have never ever thought about this right? Don’t believe us! Read this, as  you will be able to find your true love now.


The name of this science-based dating app is Pheramor. Initially, the app initially was launched in Houston. but it’s now expanded nationwide. Reportedly, according to Dr Brittany Barreto, the company’s CEO and founder, this is a science-based dating app. DNA and digital data, both are used to measure compatibility between singles. This app has also received an iDate Award for Best Up and Coming App.


How does the app work? The user will just have to follow a simple procedure. You will have to sign up through the app and place an order for a DNA kit. After a quick swab of your inner cheek, you will have to drop it back in the mail. According to Dr Barreto, on receiving swab back by Pheramor, it is sent to the laboratory. There one’s cheek cells are isolated and DNA is taken out. From the DNA, human leukocyte antigen genes (HLA) genes are sequenced. This is what predicts attraction. Then, these genes tend to encode proteins for your immune system. Reportedly, according to various scientists, people are attracted to one another when their HLA genes are different. Yes, you have heard us here! ‘Opposites attract’ is biologically true.

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Moreover, a lot has been discussed about DNA tests and where that information might end up. But Pheramor does not sell your data. Reportedly, according to Dr Bin Huang, Pheramor co-founder and chief technology officer, only 11 genes related to the physical attraction are sequenced. So, there is knowledge about data related to diseases, eye colour or ancestry. To top it all, this app not only helps you find your perfect match but also enables you to fight cancer. Once your results are in, you will get the notifications of three potential matches by the app every day.

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