True Life Story: What Happened the Day I Failed Pt 1 & 2

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True Life Story What Happened the Day I Failed Pt 1 & 2

True Life Story What Happened the Day I Failed Pt 1 & 2

True Life Story What Happened the Day I Failed Pt 1 & 2: It all happened like a dream. It was a beautiful morning that fateful day, I remembered how I could feel. How I had no nights just in anticipation of my performance that day.

I was contesting for the Public speaking category of the famous Port Harcourt Shift competition 2019. I have managed to scale through the preliminary stages and so I found myself in the finals.

Just few days before the competition on 28th April 2019, I got involved in an accident, and was decorated with stitches all over my body. I remembered how the words of the nurse pierced my soul like a hypodermic syringe; when she said “you won’t be able to walk for sometime”. But as a fighter I have always been, i never let that news derail my quest for my speaking battle.

So the long awaited day came, and I prepared so well for it.

Everyone is so scared of failing, cause it hurts alot, I never knew one day, I will absorb the painful gunshots of Mr. Fail.  it’s so painful when you want something and you know how important it is to you, you worked hard, had sleepless nights; sometimes you barely eat because you want to make sure you don’t fail, and you end up failing and loosing.

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I can attest to the real feeling of loosing; before I just say it, but now I know it. Most especially when the ones you wish would have been there to cheer you up, hurriedly went on voyage to space and you were just left all alone; you to yourself, yourself to you. Now I can boldly tell you, failure truly has no friend or family. It is the shortest cut to solitude.

I learnt a very big lesson on that blessed day. I cried out my heart, I felt like it was the end of my life, I felt chattered, weak and broken and I had no shoulder to cry on. I had prepared very hard for my competition, with pains, injuries and stitches all over me.


Crying does not make you weak,  if only you’re crying to do more better the next time, and not crying to give up.  I failed, I didn’t get the trophy.

True Life Story What Happened the Day I Failed Pt 2

But one thing was certain, and it was in that my inner joy rose to limelight. I could picture the camera flashes and massive ovation in my mind, because my soul has found pleasure in her ordeal – I impacted lives, souls where touched by my speech and while I was crying I just remembered; and it was enough for me to be happy for the remaining part of the year.

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So I sensed it was just a platform to inspire more lives; i wouldn’t have gotten such podium anywhere so I thought. If i continue crying, and the persons I just finished inspiring and creating a hunger for excellence sees me? After creating a zest for the zenith in their lives? What if they see me and decipher what i said where not true because I was the very first victim of my speech.

And so I stood up wiped my tears and smiled. And I told myself,  Failure is the first step to Success. I was not going to give up. The moment you accept failing, and have deliberately decided not to quit,  you’ve accepted success.

The portholes of failed events will only beautify your success story. At this point, I began another speech; but this time, it was in my mind and it was to myself. Courage swung up.  I felt cheated, but not defeated, I felt down but not giving up.

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So when you fail,  you are free to cry, cry if you can’t help it, scream, let it out. But stand up, wipe your eyes, dust yourself and tell yourself I won’t stop trying, yes I might fail again but I won’t give up. If I fall, I will rise up, I shouldn’t remain on the ground and petty myself.  Because to succeed I must fail.

Since then, my quest for the top has birthed a burden for everyone who feels he or she can’t make it again. My dear, hope against your hope, fight your fears, tear your tears, faith in your faith and doubts in your doubts. i can see the light at the end of the tunnel; i can see a new horizon of greatness.


Precious Ejiofor

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