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UFUOMA, BEAUTIFUL BUT BRAINLESS BY CHISOM BLESSING ONYIBOR: The sun shone, causing beads of sweat to form beneath her nose. A yellowish stain on her underarms has already appeared on her faded white shirt. Dust has caked her cream coloured shoes and made them brown. Yet she seems oblivious of her looks that draws attention and glares of people as she maintains her unsteady pace towards Mr Eket’s office.

Her name is Ufuoma. A true definition of beauty but brainless. She had left Ozalla, a remot village at south eastern Nigeria, few months ago in search of greener pastures. She entered lagos having nowhere to place her bag or her head. She has nothing but her body, which she prides in. She is chubby with a light skin, robust hips to accentuate her figure and a flat tommy to match.

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Her eyes are dreamy, the mass of hair above them, neatly and naturally designed by her creator. Her nose stood on her face like a gallant soldier and her pink succulent lips are to die for. She is indeed beautiful but utterly stupid.

She had asked around and was directed to Henry’s parlour,a parlor to some but a brothel to others. It became her new home, her means of survival and her only escape route from abject poverty.

Six months into prostitution, she met Mr.Eket. He made her believe he was real. Oh no! He didn’t. He was just being a man but she was so nieve to see, very stupid to understand that.

“This is Lagos” instead of “Welcome to Lagos” as should have been used like most states, was written for the brainy to understand and shine their eyes…. and Lagos was for the brainy. She fell for his charms and he became her doom.

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Two months later, she took ill. After series of unseccesful medication, Hallie’s lab, corfirmed the worst, she had HIV, syphilis, and a developing foetus.

Mr Eket! Oga Eket! U don finish me! Akwaibom pr*ck don destroy my life! Mogbe oo! Kuku kill me o! Kuku shoot me make i die! She kept ranting as she entered the office premises.

“Security! Take that imbecile out! You seem to have forgotten what you are. I just gave you something you can gift to as many men as u want. A girl like you gifted me with it. I’m just returning the favour. Get out!!”

She felt her world crash before her. She should be given a chance to make a choice, she would choose to remain in her village where there is barely enough to eat but peace and happiness were assured. Her tears… It was definetly too late to cry. She blew her nose, revenge written on her face.

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“Get ready men,una don enter” she muttered as she left.


Dear men, there are so many Ufuomas today be very careful. To the ladies, to avoid being an ufuoma, channel your beauty and brain into something positive and fulfilling.


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