What A Lady Wants From A Man To Be Happy

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What Lady Man Happy

What A Lady Wants From A Man To Be Happy

What A Lady Wants From A Man To Be Happy: However complex a man may find it understanding the different breeds of ladies, there is a level ground on which you can come to an understanding and even get to know your lady.

As a man, you need to have a few seemingly less important attributes but which are treasured by just about all ladies.

Here is what a lady will need to see in a man for her to be entirely happy:

1. Clear Thoughts

In everything that you do or plan to do, you should display a very sound sense of thought. How you come up with ways to do or go about doing something should be clear and sober.

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Being undecided on most issues and going by the current will hurt your love. She will be inclined to be with you if you can show that you can reason and think clearly. It makes her happy.

2. Self-Control

You should have a high self-control and have your principles which will be your reference point in all that you do. Ladies are happy when their men are self-controlled and principled.

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3. Patience

Of all the attributes, ladies are mostly happy with a patient man. In all that you do as a man, you should not show signs of impatience. She will be happy at your side basing on your ability to be patient as well as keep a good attitude therein.

4. Continuous Communication

Communicating on a consistent and regular basis will make her happy as well. She will see that you have prioritised her and given much importance to her, it makes her happy.

5. Closeness

It is good to be close to your lover. Ladies feel the importance when you are close to them and do everything together. Be sure to be letting her know of your moves and exploits. It makes them happy.

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