8 Mzansi Celebrities Who Fought In A boxing Matches

8 Mzansi Celebrities Who Fought In A boxing Matches

8 Mzansi Celebrities Who Fought In A boxing Matches

Boxing has been an engaging game since the times of Mohammed Ali, to the times of Mike Tyson and to give second other extraordinary fighters. Yet, we never figured Mzansi famous people will attempt to demonstrate who is better in a boxing ring. So we will take a look at 8 Mzansi Celebs Who battled in a boxing match.

Number 1; Cassper Nyovest Versus Priddy Ugly

In October 2022 Cassper Nyovest tested Priddy Terrible to a boxing match. Priddy concurred and they went one on one against one another. Their match occurred in boxing ring at the SunBet Field at Time Square, Pretoria, in October 2022. Anyway Priddy Revolting was take out in under two minutes by the rapper Cassper. The accompanying visuals are the rundown of their fight.

Number 2; Major Zulu Versus Brian Dings

Another enormous VIP match which occurred was between the rapper Large Zulu and Brian Dings. A great many people were paying special attention to this match and Big Zulu took out Brian Ding in first round. After this match Brian looked for a rematch against Big Zulu since he felt the match was ridiculous.

Number 3; Cassper Nyovest Versus NaakMusiq

The rapper Cassper Nyovest had more than 3 boxing matches and one of his three matches he confronted the melodic craftsman and rapper NaakMusiq. Fans saw a great deal of dodging punches and securing from the two stars. They fought in 5 rounds and Naakmusiq was declared winner after two judges judged in his favor.

Number 4; Cassper Nyovest Versus Slik Talk

The vast majority of you are most likely acquainted with Slik Talk for being a a critic of almost every celebrity. Slik most likely moved the rapper to a fight after clearly reprimanded him however it didn’t end well in that frame of mind for Slik Talk. He was crushed in less the two minutes in the third round. After that Slik faulted lack of preparation for the match since he started preparing fourteen days before the match.

Number 5; Zodwa Wabantu Versus Manaka Ranaka

These days which men do ladies will probably desire to do it to prove a point of gender equality and that is likely to be the motivation of Zodwa Versus Manaka fight. The two women went one on one in a ring at The Edge Gambling club, Emalahleni, Mpumalanga, in October 2023 which saw the judges settle on a draw after three rounds.

Number 6; Major Zulu Versus Phumlani Njilo

One of the latest celebrity boxing match was between Big Zulu and Phumlani Njilo. The most advertised match happened in Olive Conference hall in Durban and it pulled in the consideration of notable superstars who went like DJ Tira, Zakes Bantwini and even Hlengiwe Mhlaba.

Number 7; Zodwa Wabantu Versus Khanyi Mbau

One more huge superstar fight was booked to happen in October 2023 between Zodwa Wabantu and Khanyi Mbau. Yet, as the days move nearer to the match, Khanyi Mbau professed to have no information on the match so the match must be dropped. Mbau and socialite Zodwa were set to get down to business in a big name fight at the Edge Lodging in Mpumalanga on October 22, 2023.

Number 8; Bohang Moeko Versus Leigh Capper

I think 2023 was intended for so many astounding match between VIPs sadly some were dropped. Since one match which would have been extraordinary was between the entertainer Bohang Moeko and Leigh Capper. Tragically Bohang pulled out of the match in view of the unforeseen conditions.